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What is A Life Coach & Do You Need One?

Most people will run into stumbling blocks standing in the way of their productivity and goal attainment. As a life coach and mentor, I work with people at the core of who they are to determine how they’re getting in their own way.

For some, those stumbling blocks get in the way of their careers. For others, they suffer from interpersonal problems. And still others suffer from the challenge of simply figuring out what they want out of life.

My role as a life coach is to guide, not to decide. I use proven and strategic methods to help you figure out what is standing in your way and how to overcome it.

My TCS Life Coaching System is proven to promote radical and sustainable change in your life. You see, I have both the life experiences and the tools you need to become the best version of yourself. I’ve been where you are—confused, looking for inspiration, and hoping for something better.

Today, I am a best-selling author, professional mentor and life coach. I also spent four years on the hit reality TV show, Style By Jury. Throughout these experiences, I’ve learned what it takes to move from Stuck to Empowered. Now it is your turn.

You can reach your true potential. I firmly believe you can accomplish whatever it is you put your mind to. My step-by-step system offers guidance to help you accomplish your goals.

My mission is to provide emotional intelligence tools and strategies to improve well-being, self-worth, and to help one person at a time realize their full potential.

Through my coaching system, I do precisely that.

My Disciplines

As a life coach, I use strategies I know work—because they worked for me! My multiple disciplines include:

  • Positive Behavior, Self-Assessment, Coaching, and Healing
  • Personal Development Training (Focusing on both Your Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness)
  • Professional Development (Helping Achieve Your Secular Goals in Leadership & Mentorship)

Areas My Coaching Focuses On

When you decide to work with me, we’ll tackle a myriad of issues standing in your way. Together we will…

    • Build greater self-awareness (strengths & skills, take a values inventory, discover needs that drive you)
    • Build Self Confidence
    • Create a positive self-image
    • Increase Motivation
    • Develop a personal empowerment statement
    • Set goals
    • Learn how to challenge and change false internal systems
    • Change your bad habits

    Let’s Work Together!

    If you want to break negative habits once and for all, challenge limiting self-beliefs, and maximize your potential in life, let’s work together.

    Reach out to me today to schedule a complimentary empowerment session, either by phone or email, and let’s start freeing you from all that stands in your way of a better, more fulfilling life.

My Services. Your New Life Starts Here!

TCS Life Coach System

STUCK! Not Sure Who You Are or Where You’re Going? Unlock Your Potential Today! 

Motivation and Support

What’s On Your Mind? Let Me Help You Work Through It. 

Career and Transition Coaching

Stuck! Unsure What’s Next? Here’s a Five-Step Strategy For Career & Life Transition.

Workshops and Seminars

Discover my #1 TIP To Move From STUCK To EMPOWERED

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