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TCS Life Coaching Program

Reach Your Full Potential with The TCS Life Coaching Program

The Tri-Commitment Success (TCS) Life Coaching Program is designed to move you from STUCK to EMPOWERED. My twelve-session program helps you fine-tune your emotional intelligence to determine what you do best and how to use it to reach your full potential.

There are three specific areas we focus on including:

  • Increasing Awareness of Your Thoughts and Actions (self-sabotage and other limiting beliefs)
  • Determining Who You Are and What You Want (strengths, weaknesses, values and interests)
  • How to Reach Your Full Potential (steps to take to realize your goals and dreams)

A Three-Step Approach Life Coaching Program

Together, you and I work on these areas of your life through three manageable steps:

STEP ONE: Undo The Doing

Before you can get what you want out of life, you have to let go of what’s in your way. We’ll work together to eliminate automatic reactions and limiting beliefs while replacing them with knowledge and facts that support your full potential!

What It Includes:

STEP ONE consists of five modules. We start by performing a personalized assessment. I’ll provide you with an assessment summary, handbook, tools, and step-by-step instructions that show you how to…

  • Identify and change limiting beliefs (including negative self-talk)
  • Recognize and change guiding principles that are not yours
  • Uncover and put an end to pointless pursuits
  • Manage expectations
  • Reconnect with your core and enhance your work-life-balance

Along the way, you’ll gain a sense of strength and empowerment over your life.

STEP TWO: Rebuild The Core

Once we know where we’re failing, we’re often confused about how to change. That’s what STEP TWO focuses on.

Together we’ll rediscover your core values. What drives you, what inspires you, and what makes you want to achieve more in life. We’ll also look at your needs and the most constructive way to satisfy them. This might involve replacing old behaviors with healthy new ones.

What It Includes:

STEP TWO consists of four modules, each with its own tools and step-by-step guidance, to isolate your…

  • Strengths, skills, and weaknesses
  • Core values and guiding principles
  • Personal and emotional needs

This step also includes a bonus lesson on how to write your personal empowerment statement (a brief description of who you are and what is most important to you).

STEP THREE: Reach Your Full Potential

This final step is designed to help you reach your true potential.

What is your true potential? Your potential stems from your purpose and passion. But you also need the skills and knowledge to turn those passions into reality.

By cultivating your skills & abilities, you have the power to affect positive change in the areas that matter most to you. You’ll become the hero of your own story while satisfying your most basic needs.

What It Includes:

STEP THREE of the TCS Life Coaching Program consists of three modules. In this last step, I’ll show you how to pull all three steps together to set REAL, ATTAINABLE, objectives and goals.

I’ll provide you with tools and step-by-step instruction to…

  • Set goals that leverage your strengths and skills
  • Express your core values
  • Satisfy your personal and emotional needs
  • Create a plan that includes a strategy to achieve your goals and tools to measure your progress

life coaching programs let goOnce you complete all twelve modules of the TCS Life Coaching Program you’ll have the tools, skills, and confidence to finally achieve your goals. You’ll also possess a newfound level of self-awareness, motivation, and freedom. THIS is the path for long-lasting fulfillment, success, and to reach your full potential.

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