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“Vision For My Future”

I began working with Life Coach Bruno three months ago. At that time, I felt that my life was purposeless, and that I was going through the motions, earning a living, but not building a life. I felt "stuck" as so many of us do in a very unsatisfactory career that was merely furthering someone else's vision and not making use of my innate talents. After having been through lots of traditional and also unorthodox therapies, I realized that nobody had worked with me in terms of my real purpose. I had a lot of information but did not make lasting and fulfilling change because I didn't know how to, or even whether or not I could.

I could not see my way past my current circumstances because of my faulty belief systems. In addition, I needed to further my awareness and find a way to begin to apply it in a practical manner. Doing this allowed me to detach from my current situation and believe that another kind of future was available to me after all.

Through diligently working with Bruno, I now believe in myself, have a vision for my future, and I am excited about life again. Bruno provides non-judgemental, highly intuitive and accurate support, and breaks open those faulty belief systems that can allow us to bring a negative past into the present, hindering us from living our best life. He is a maverick in the Life Coaching industry and was able to move me out of a 20 year long detour and back onto my path.

Julia - New York, New York


If I had to sum up my experience with Bruno in one word, it would be "awakened."
Bruno helped me see life from a different perspective which is what I needed, but most importantly showed me how to do that myself without being dependant on him. He got me to let go of old patterns of behaviour and got me from being stuck in the past, to fully present in the future.
I got a new look and a new attitude, and established some new behaviours like working out on a regular basis that have totally enhanced all areas of my life and made me feel more connected to life than ever before. I used to feel detached from life and would watch it pass me by, but now I'm fully engaged and loving every moment of being alive. Most importantly, Bruno got me to step outside of my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't have done otherwise, which is undoubtedly the key to growth.
I learned that attitude is a choice, and your thoughts determine what manifests in your life. I realize now that the reason I was stuck in a rut in the past for so long is because of what I was focusing on. I was focusing on what wasn't working instead of what I needed to do to make things work.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I wanted to change, and needed that little extra push, motivation, and inspiration. My confidence has improved dramatically because I no longer hold myself back from doing the things I truly want to do. I don't second guess or doubt myself or fear being judged by other people anymore because it's my birthright to be happy and when you come to the end of your life you can either look back upon it with regret and say "I wish I would have, I wish I could have, I wish I should have" or you can say "I did it all, thank you and goodnight." I now set goals on a regular basis and with each one I conquer I set my sights on bigger and better things. One of the most important things I took from Bruno was to dream big, because the only limitations are the ones you create. Bruno truly loves what he does and his caring and sincerity was evident from the first moment I met him. He's the type of person I've always wanted to surround myself with. I look forward to continued mentorship even after the 12 week program is complete. If you're reading this testimonial and considering changing your life, do yourself the favour and don't put it off any longer. You can't put a price on happiness. My overall well-being is in the best place it's ever been, and it only continues to reach new peaks daily.
Thank you Bruno, you've changed my life.

Blain - Brampton, Ontario

“Best Decision I Ever Made”

I contacted Bruno at a time in my life when everything in my life had come to a full stop. At the age of 28, just after recovering from a complicated medical condition and being jobless, I was going through an early-life crisis. I was confused about my life path and anxious, scared, and angry with the lack of direction in my life. Bruno helped me realize how the false beliefs I held about myself and about my life led to my confusion.

He helped me see how my beliefs kept me stuck in a place I no longer wanted to be in. He then taught me how to eliminate my false beliefs and create new beliefs that served me better. Throughout the entire time Bruno was extremely caring and he demonstrated a lot of patience with me while I was on my journey of self-discovery and the discovery of my full potential. He believed in me when I found it hard to believe in myself. He raised my level of self-awareness so that I may see the true person that I am which helped raise my self-esteem and self-confidence.

Bruno is extremely talented and well qualified at what he does. He adapted his program to perfectly match my needs. He showed me how to focus on what truly matters and taught me how to create goals and a vision for my future. Each time I met with him he had a plethora of good advice and he was a great support in my times of need. Bruno's astounding insight about life, success, happiness, and fulfillment challenged my attitude and beliefs and helped me arrive to the place I find myself in today. Over the last few months I have learned so much about myself. Bruno has taught me how to proceed in life on my own and be the best person possible.

I not only have a direction in life now but I am heading in a direction that is fully compatible with who I am. I also have a job! Working with Bruno is the best decision I have made to date.

Ivana - Oakville, Ontairo

“The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself”

Bruno LoGreco has the ability to understand and determine with a plan, why you are there to see him, in a way where he gives you his full attention at all times. His personality is calm, charismatic and very addicting because of his level of intellect and experiences in his own life Journey. He has many powerful methods of Life coaching that he shares with you, giving you optimal results. He appreciates you and does not undermined your abilities in changing your life for the better, ensuring that your life is a journey and "becoming aware" is the best gift you can give yourself. Bruno patiently worked with me in developing long and short term plans that really made sense to me for my habits and goals. I was very satisfied with my sessions with Bruno and would recommended him to everyone, he truly changed my life.

Maria Dinapoli

“Uplifting and Inspiring”

Within the first month of seeing Bruno I felt a difference. I quickly became aware and conscious of my choices. He has such an uplifting and inspiring spirit it's almost infectious. There is no way not to want to learn from him and feel fulfilled in life with his coaching and support. I personally feel and have been told that I am in a different head space and can take on challenges that I may not have been able to prior to starting with Bruno. He definitely knows his stuff and his experience shows in his coaching - I would definitely recommend him!

Geoffrey - New York, New York

“Bruno is an inspiration to me”

Bruno LoGreco was like a breath of fresh air for me. When I first decided to accept him as my life coach I didn't realize what an impact he'd have on my life! I started our sessions working a 9-5 job, I was content, but I still felt that I wasn't reaching my full potential. He pushed me to create a plan for my life and to start thinking about what would bring me the most joy. Now, a little under a year after meeting Bruno, I am doing something that I'd only dreamed of : I've quit my job and am pursuing my passion of creating jewelry! Bruno is helping me to establish my business, optimize my website for SEO and also gain a positive and ever growing following for my jewelry. I am so thankful to have Bruno as a life coach, he is such an inspiration to me and makes me want to continue to push even harder to achieve my goals.

Kamoy Williams

“His excitement with you is addictive”

Life Coach Bruno LoGreco helps you read your map of life and provides you with the tools to make your journey through life one of great satisfaction. His confidence and belief that we are always learning was conveyed in his message. Meeting and working on the plan with Bruno is a life altering journey. One of his many great qualities is that he is a great listener and because of this, he truly understood what I needed to achieve. He brings out an excitement in me and energized me after each coaching session. My overall confidence increased exponentially after each session. His calm demeanor made me want to learn more. His excitement with you is addictive - it's almost like having a cheerleader without the pompoms - someone who shows you how to excel with the tools we already posses. Like going from Good to Great. Bruno understands people the way he does because in his travels through life, his experiences can relate to our own - we are always learning, striving, challenging ourselves, climbing to the peaks or mountains because deep down inside we have this excitement for life and we only need a reminder that we can all Do IT!

Frank Bernardo

“The Confidence and Motivation I needed to Become Unstoppable”

When I found Life Coach Bruno I was at a crossroads. On one side was the path to the life I wanted; happiness, success, entrepreneurship, abundance, leadership and fulfillment, and on the other my worst nightmare; growing old in my dingy basement apartment, alone, regretful, depressed and unfulfilled. I feared for the latter and needed someone to help me get passed my self-sabotaging behaviour. I needed help and fast, so I signed to Bruno's TCS Life Coach program. I knew my life was about to change. We had an immediate connection and I knew Bruno just "got it" Bruno truly is a master at his craft. 12 weeks later I didn't even recognize myself. I went from being unsure, doubting my abilities and having low self-value to the confident successful entrepreneur I knew I was. Bruno helped me see who I truly was, get past limiting beliefs and find the confidence and motivation I needed to become unstoppable. Since working with Bruno, I've launched my own business, become a published fitness model, been featured on TV for my business, become a fitness competitor, speaker and empowerment coach. Inspired by what Bruno was able to do for me, I bought the license to his Life Coaching philosophy combined it with my fitness philosophy and created my own personal 3 step program for creating and sustaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. I cannot thank Bruno enough for what he was able to do for me, he truly helped me change my life.

Melanie - Toronto, Ontario

“Your Infectious Enthusiasm Gave me Confidence to Stand up And Tell My Story”

Just wanted to say thank you! I was at the CSNN alumni conference last may in Toronto and heard you speak. Your infectious enthusiasm gave me confidence to stand up and tell my story how I got into this field. That day changed my life. It was the first time i verbalized who i felt and why im doing what am. Today me and my husband who is a personal trainer, opened up our own personal training and nutrition studio here in Ottawa. I have read over the presentation you did to give me direction of what i need to do to grow the business. Just thought i would formally say thank you.

Jackie Raymond Co-owner Brickhouse Family Fitness & Nutrition

“He truly has a gift to help people”

My experience with Bruno has been an amazing one. From the moment I met Bruno, I knew he was someone I could trust. He is very caring , non-judgemental and a true professional. The journey was not an easy one, as he made me see who I really was. This look into my inner child made me realize my self- limiting beliefs. I have gained so much awareness and insight working with Bruno. His exercises pin-pointed my behaviour and opened my eyes to my the world around me. I have started to face my fears with confidence. I want to thank Bruno for all that he has done for me. He truly has a gift to help people. God bless you, and I know that you will continue to inspire more individuals.

Nindy - Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Used to Always Put Everyone Else's Needs First”

I always put other people needs first and always felt like I needed their approval in everything I did... Until one day I realize I was not happy and felt I couldnt take it anymore. All I wanted to do was to run away. I was so unhappy and confused, I didnt know what to do. A friend recommended to talk to Life Coach Bruno LoGreco. I did ....He helped me to see what I was doing wrong and by making some changes to my life, I could be happy again.......Im now more positive, happier and stronger person.

Grace - New York, New York

“Bruno is willing to share his talents...”

Bruno LoGreco is truly the epitome of what a Life Coach represents. He is not only caring and kind but extremely dedicated and passionate about his work. Through his selfless nature, Bruno has guided and inspired me from the get-go. From the moment we met, I knew I was in good hands with someone I could trust whole-heartedly. I believe his mission in life is to bring people to full-awareness through his highly effective self-awareness program. Working with him has been the most rewarding investment in my life. I never imagined the impact his program would have on me—I finally “get me” and look forward to pursuing my future with a healthier mindset. More importantly, Bruno is willing to share his talents with anyone that is prepared to take it to the next level—and believe me he will make sure you get there too!

Angie - Toronto, Ontario

“It Re-ignited the Fire Inside Of Me”

Life Coach Bruno has been a big part of this journey in my life. He has helped me fulfill many of my life ambitions, and answered many confusing questions. I went to Bruno feeling a little lost, confused and lacking self-confidence. Within the first few sessions, I felt an instant connection and strong energy when I communicated with Bruno. He has shown given me guidance and re-instilled the self confidence that I needed to get me through this stage of my life's journey. His dedication and passion for people truly make him a unique individual. His simple common sense approach is the intellectual mechanism to help one see life for what it is and not how others see your life. Taking control of my identity and knowing who I am have become effective strategies that Bruno helped me develop, understand and believe in who I am - the ability to remove myself from everything and see who and what exactly I am! Each and every time I left Bruno, I felt so empowered and motivated that I believe it reignited the fire inside of me. Now I have my vision, know what I want, when I want it, it's up to me to get it. I will choose the path. It may be dirty and unclear, but it will be that much more rewarding when completed! Good Luck!

Michael - Vaughn, Ontario

“Bruno Showed Me How To Heal My Inner Child”

Bruno is truly a gift. I met Bruno at a time I felt my life was coming to a closure. He filled me up with knowledge and showed me my skills that I can use daily to over come my triggers. Everyday I challenge my fears and now I have decided to walk thru them instead of ignoring them. Bruno showed me how to heal my inner child. This lead me to let go of years of pain and gave me a reason once again to move forward in my life. Now I can see with clarity where I want to go and with my new found awareness I no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. I choose to have the light at the beginning of the tunnel and see the light shine through. This allows me to see my fears and any obstacles that might be in my way. I can prepare now for anything and stay more focused because now I choose to see more clearly. Bruno is so genuine and right on. Bruno LoGreco is a professional and a great person. His 10 week program is amazing. Thank you Bruno for coaching me and for showing me that trusting in myself and the outer world can be achieved.

Denise - Richmond Hill, Ontario

“First Time I felt Understood”

Working with Bruno as my life coach changed my life drastically for the better in a matter of three months. I had spent more than 38 years searching for a sense of family - a feeling of being home.

Having grown up in a somewhat dysfunctional home (who hasn't), I recognized that I had some internal scars. I did my share of conventional therapy and I considered myself a happy, insightful, well adjusted individual. Underneath it all there was always a void. At times, prominent, and at other times the feeling of loneliness would fade into the background. Being aware that only I could fill the void inside me, I spent years searching for ways to accomplish this. I felt I had been quite successful. I had settled with a sense of happiness combined with being accustomed to the void. After living with the void your whole life, you don't know how it feels to be without it. It becomes part of you.

I contacted Bruno and asked him to be my life coach for reasons that had nothing to do with filling my void. Like most people I had not really figured out the true nature of my underlying wish. As we embarked on my journey we eventually encountered the root of what I really wanted.

I just wanted to feel like all would be okay. I wanted to feel that I was whole without the void. I wanted to feel that I was home. Bruno helped me get there.

When Bruno first told me he could help me fill the void, I cried. I felt this profound sense of gratitude and hope. Could it be?!

Getting there was not always an easy journey. I had to dig up a lot of pain and there were times when I wanted to quit. But Bruno was always right there in my corner, supporting me, pushing me when I needed it. Most importantly, he listened. For the first time, I was being heard and I felt understood.

I can never repay Bruno for the gift he gave me. When someone comes along and brings to your life the one thing you wanted the most in order to feel at peace - to feel whole - how can you possibly repay them? I cannot repay Bruno, but I can pass on what he gave to me. I can tell you, the reader, that Bruno has a special gift. I am just one among many clients whose life he has touched in the most profound way.

I urge you to join us. Be next!

Amy - Boston, MA

“Bruno Taught Me How To Love Myself"

As a divorced mother of 3, I've encountered many obstacles, mostly personal ones within myself. I wondered why I kept repeating the same patterns with the men I was dating and why it always ended badly, usually with me being hurt, and questioned what "I" was doing wrong. I was tired of being hurt. I felt I had hit rock bottom. I had had enough, and that is when I contacted Bruno for help. I needed his help to show me where I was going wrong in these relationships. And it all came down to how I perceived myself, how I felt about myself, for many many years. Bruno taught me how to love myself again, how to respect myself and above all else, BELIEVE in myself. When you attain these feelings in yourself, you feel empowered, you look at the world with fresh eyes, you look at your past experiences with a whole new perspective, and you learn from them, forgive yourself, and make room for newer, better ones just waiting for you to get there. I like to say Bruno saved me from my self-destructive patterns. I know without his help, I wouldn't be the confident woman I am today. I am a better mother for that too.

Cristina - Brampton, Ontario

“Newly Trained Positive Perspective”

Before I met Bruno, every day was long and I didn't have anything to look forward to, except my job and wellÉthe work that came with my job. Not only had I been trying to please my parents and boss, but I had not been doing anything to relax or treat myself for working so hard. Within a couple sessions, I had begun to realize why I felt like I had not achieved much, and felt obligated to do certain tasks. I learned that my own negative thinking patterns kept me far back from ever feeling like I had done some thing right for a change. But thankfully, I was determined to find a life coach that could help me change all that. Now that I've been learning from Bruno, I have been able to enjoy my job and find other activities to make me an active participant in my social and day-to-day life. I have a newly trained, positive perspective; I am involved in my own healthy habits; I understand myself; and those around me. Facing your fears is never easy, but with the help of Bruno, it can be a whole lot easier!

Bery - Richmond Hill, Ontario

“The Man Simply Knows His Stuff”

The world is filled with very successful executives who for decades focus every waking minute on professional accolades and professional development, or tend to give more than they receive. And one fine day, realize they haven't take the time out to focus on personal development in terms of a better balance in life, to be in touch with their spiritual side, their inner self, and possibly even lose touch with the fun side of life. That would describe me in the past. I've known executives who've had a new outlook to life after meeting a life coach or a mentor, but never really bought into it. Continued curiosity and a need to rediscover myself, drew me to test a life coach. I came across Bruno, and in a few decisive moments I knew he was the man, and this was a journey I'd enjoy for many reasons. First his personality exudes authenticity and geniality. Secondly, the man simply knows his stuff, has this uncanny ability to read between the lines, and zeroes in instantly on the underlying triggers. In his structured approach he steers you to address issues head on; challenges you to challenge yourself; opens your mind to new possibilities; helps you understand behaviours/experiences and patterns in your life; gets you in touch with yourself; fuels a sense of purpose and passion, and escorts you to chart a new course to life. Throughout the journey he never judges, but relentlessly encourages and empowers you. He's truly a brilliant, genuine and a humane person with an infectious enthusiasm to make you seize the inborn potential within you. I've had the privilege and joy to work with him, and have renewed sense of awareness and purpose.

Adrian - Toronto, Ontario

“Helped Me See This Light”

My name translates into "Light at the end of the Tunnel". Below I write an account of my experience with an incredible human being who helped me see this light.

Enroute to my home country, I touched down at Schipol Airport for 6 hours. My thoughts wandered off and I thought back of the stressful seven months that I had just experienced. I was now on an even more stressful mission - visiting my elderly and sick family in Dar Es Salaam. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the busy Schipol check-point, a sudden calm reigned inside me for a quick instant. I recollected the last seven months; completing five undergraduate courses having written my last exam written on April 20, 2010, three days prior to my departure, handing over my job to a temporary staff having already dealt with my team's main priorities, and sailing through an enormous financial storm resulting from a series of uninformed transactions. Seven months ago I would have seen all this as an impossibility not to be contended with. Seven months ago, I would have looked at all this as unconquerable because I had been filled with such a high degree of negativity, resentment of my horrible past experiences, hatred towards those more successful than I was, impatience at things that were not going my way, and a huge ego that was pulling me down every second I tried to achieve something. I still have remnants of these vices left in me which I sincerely hope that Bruno will continue to help me erase in the next little while.

Bruno! What a life-saver! What an amazingly incredible human being. I met Bruno LoGreco in October 2009 when I was at my wits end and could not think rationally anymore. Bruno told me months later that I was almost maniacal. Well, I am not anymore or else you would not be reading this account. Bruno has shown me that there is a huge world of possibilities out there. He has taught me to believe in myself and reach out for that self-worth and self-respect that dwells inside me. He told me that I was a beautiful human being worth every bit as the next person on the street that I would meet. He dared me to recover! And recover I did.

In October 2009, I could still not get rid of memories of a horrible love-hate relationship I had experienced over a year and a half earlier. My friends laughed at my weakness and told me to get into another relationship to eradicate the hurt of this not so recent tribulation. I did not believe this. I thought of all that I had given into that relationship - EVERYTHING - and how I had gone almost bankrupt trying to match up to my ex's expectations. I spent my time pondering over what went wrong and why I did not even get an opportunity for a closure. All this was not leading to anything and idling about teary-eyed was adding to the immense stress in my life.

One day, I spoke with my girlfriend in the UK. She had gone through a similar experience and urged me to get a Life Coach. I had absolutely no idea what this person would do. She explained that s/he would help me get onto my feet again. So I ventured about making telephone calls, surfing the web, and searching the 411 directory. I found six people who seemed to be great professionals both in Canada and the US but it was Bruno that appealed to me instantly. I remember our first phone call. Bruno was in middle of a Television segment, "Style by Jury". When I heard him on the phone, I felt this sudden calm inside me that I spoke of earlier in this text. I heard that easy laughter and warmth in his voice and I felt that I had to go see him. I was an avid fan of "Style by Jury" because everything always worked out for these wo/men in the end but I soon found out that really, there is a lot of hard work involved - mostly on the candidate's part. As you will read on, Bruno would later explain this to me during our sessions.

When I found out where Bruno was located, I was really dismayed. I live in Toronto East and he was situated in Richmond Hill. This would mean about an hour and a half to two-hour journey to reach him each way. But there was something in Bruno's voice that propelled me all the way to Richmond Hill that first day. There was an instant connection and deep humility about this person that belied his sheer confidence and high level of sophistication splayed all over his website, I have to admit that I had been a little overwhelmed of his web credentials.

I met Bruno in the lobby of his apartment. He was so personable, with an open, warm, and welcoming smile. He was unassuming, reassuring, but extremely confident and direct. I could already imagine those brown eyes turning steely if something went amiss. At his apartment, I instantly felt at peace. Bruno's space was a mirror-image of his personality, uncluttered, classic, comfortable, with straight, elaborate lines laced with a touch of curvy softness here and there that lent added warmth to the almond and dark chocolate decor. I was enveloped in this warmth and felt very much at ease. Notice how many times I use the word "warm".

To my utter astonishment, after having given Bruno only a few bare details amid two springs of tears, he began to read me like a book. He started stealing words from my mouth - my disappointments, my regrets, the emotional abuse from so many people that I had met, my childhood and adulthood experiences, my relationships, my jobs - he seemed to know it all. From the questions he asked me on that very first day, he deduced that my major problem was me. I had neglected myself and because of the treatment I had received in my childhood, I had begun to think that everyone was treating me in that same manner. I hated myself. I paid for and bought gifts and services for people so they could like me. I was a broken, people-pleaser. Bruno made me feel whole again. He made me see how other people could not matter if I had my own goals. Bruno made me see that I needed to take care of myself. Slowly, he asked me to go back into my childhood and encouraged me to love my inner child. He asked me to love myself and make peace with my soul. He asked me to abandon my past and be free again. Bruno let me see how my past was a hindrance to my developments in the present and future.

Bruno taught me not to judge people. He taught me that it was pointless to seek validation from others. If we love ourselves and respect who we are then we do not need validation of others. During the period of my sessions, Bruno would call me up to see how I was doing and send me encouraging emails. He was kind, gentle and very patient.

I felt needed and gradually became confident enough to deliver a speech in front of 150 people and some provincial authorities. Prior to my speech event, Bruno helped me stage it, listened to it, and critiqued it. I was able to improve the final version and deliver it with confidence. For a person who had never spoken formally in public, I did an excellent job and got good reviews of it.

Bruno reassured me that I was perfect and that I should believe it. He encouraged me to apply for jobs. He made me understand how I was responsible for consequences of my choices. When I first went to see Bruno, I was a broken woman, totally unsure of myself, second-guessed my every move, doubted my abilities, hated my persona, and was pretty teary and troubled. In fact, every little event would render me into tears and a terrible sense of helplessness. Bruno brought back the sparkle, the shine, and the smile back into my heart and in my eyes. He took away the tears and darkness and brought back the peace in my heart. My friends noticed the difference and commented on it. Bruno made me see that it was not so bad after all - that there were worse people out there. I began to look at everything with a positive attitude and vowed that I would accomplish anything that I would put my mind onto. I completed a huge ordeal - a visit my parents - five courses in seven months, and am now moving on to another five in the next few months.

Bruno taught me what a great Italian Humanist, Leon Battista Alberti had once said, "A man can do anything if he but wills."

Thank you Bruno for helping me find that light in the tunnel and bringing it back into my eyes and my heart.

Munira - Toronto, Ontario

“Uncovered My Passion”

Please accept the biggest thanks I can possibly give for your coaching and mentoring. You've uncovered my passion and got me moving forward on the 2nd part of my career; I'm totally motivated. Your insight, skills and on-going encouragement have moved me with purpose to being in a fullfilling and rewarding career and a life that I am now in total control of!

Craig - Toronto, Ontario

“Great Perspective on Life”

When I first met Bruno, I focused on everything that wasn't happening in my life. I was living in fear, yet I had and still have an amazing life, but I wasn't joyful about it! Bruno helped me understand Ego, and he helped me heal my inner child. I now live in awareness of my behavior(s) and am able to use the tools he taught me to recognize how I react to life circumstances and why and to have a great perspective on life and how to live a joyful one! I am in love with my life, and I am a great manifester! Thank you, Bruno, for giving me what I needed in order to live the life of my dreams!

Tricia - Boston, MA

“Able To Face My Future”

Bruno has been a tremendous help to me in the past few months he has made me see and realize things I never would be able to on my own. I feel like now I'm able to face my future with much more clarity. Bruno has made me see that my life is important and that always doing for everyone else isn't going to benefit me and my future. My future seems a lot brighter thanks to Bruno after teaching me that it's okay to sometimes be selfish. Bruno has been there if needed 24/7 and just to bounce thoughts and feelings off of him when needed has been a tremendous help to me. Bruno is an inspiration for sure and through him I've made a friend who is not only there as a life coach but a great support to me anytime I need it.

Karen - Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Developing a Clear Focus on My Goals”

I came to Bruno with no focus, self confidence, and lacking self awareness, within weeks of meeting with Bruno, my self confidence started to rise, I grew a better understanding of who I was, and I started developing a clear focus on my goals and ambitions. Bruno has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around.

Scott - Markham, Ontario

“Straight Shooting”

Here I stand at a new place in life. I have awareness, happiness, and-above-all peace within. I look back at where I was when I met Bruno and I see a man who used his gifts to guide me. Bruno did not think for me, choose for me, or act for me; he taught me how to think, choose, and act for myself. He showed me how to use what I already have inside for my own benefit. He taught me to be aware of everything and also bothered by nothing. What sets Bruno apart from others is the ability to shoot straight for the heart of the matter and make it undeniable in it's presence. Once you know what tools you have and how to use them, you can build anything you want.

Sue - Warren, PA

“Finding My Inner Self”

There is not enough words to describe Bruno's talent... Bruno LoGreco is an extraordinary individual and Life Coach. I NEVER thought this day will ever come for me.

Bruno helped me overcome my fears, something I thought I could never overcome. Bruno believed in me when I did not believe in myself, his strength and determination to make me see what I could not see. I live life now not having to worry about my fears pushing me away from what I want. I will no longer run from life. I now will be able to sleep at night knowing that I don't have to fight the pain anymore. It was time that my inner self was found.

Bruno, you changed my whole world. I can smile for no reason again, you touched my life in such a way that no one ever did. You came into my life and brightened it. You brought out the best in me. You made me love myself... I don't know how to Thank-u, for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you when it comes to facing fears. Thank you for showing me the path and for always caring and giving it all you had, and always staying by my side through thick and thin, and giving me the courage when I needed it. You helped me grow and learn. I have my own identity again, thanks to you.

You have definitely touched my life in every possible way...You are my mentor and now my friend...You are my inspiration.

Anna - Toronto, Ontario

“Levels Never Thought Possible”

Bruno has amazing insight and knowledge about life, success, and happiness. His expert advice and methods will bring you to levels you never thought possible. All it takes is one visit, and you will understand how he can help you unleash your true potential in life. I Highly recommend his 12 week Success program.

Tyler - Toronto, Ontario

“A New Family Unit”

Before Bruno stepped in I felt my family was slowly degenerating right in front of my eyes. We were all living complete, disconnected separate lives in one household. Then I enlisted the help of Bruno and that was the best call I ever made. Now, we can see a change in the way we interact as a family and we are making the effort to make it a family unit.

Marilyn - Scarborough, Ontario

“My 2007 Gift”

Bruno, from the first time we met you've encouraged and inspired me that all goals are possible and it's just reinforced with your inspirational e-mails every morning, which I love. You don't just talk the talk, but you walk the walk so that alone is impressive. I never hear I can't from you. Those words don't exist in your world. To be 32 years of age and have such insight and direction is truly commendable. I will never give up on what needs to be accomplished, thanks to you. Oh, and thanks for never judging me, no matter how foolish I sound at times. You're my 2007 gift...

Linda - New York, New York

“Focused & Positive”

Bruno has helped me stay focused on staying positive and consistently expanding my thoughts about life. I have referred him to a good friend of mine who needs positive inspiration and guidance. People like Bruno have a gift and some people think that people like him are like angels who help people see the light gifts the higher power for insight.

Thanks Bruno!

Scott - Toronto, Ontario

“A New Dealer”

There are many ways you have impacted my life, but one that sticks out in my mind, is that when I wake up every morning, I look forward to your emails. What I have learned to appreciate through you is that life deals us all the same number of cards, how we choose to play them is up to the end, I CHOOSE, what cards I want to play and which cards I choose to lay down. (This my friend is the most difficult task...knowing when to fold them) I wake up every morning, waiting for you (the dealer I guess), to help set the landscape and advise on how to handle the cards I have now!!) So you my friend, have become my dealer. I want to now reach your level and I know I have the ability and its insight...

Ajay - Richmond Hill, Ontario

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