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Over your lifetime, you have developed a set of beliefs that you hold true. Some of these beliefs are positive and helpful. Others, however, are negative and unhelpful – these are what we call false beliefs.

False beliefs sabotage your potential. They start off innocently but eventually become invisible burdens. You become bound by them and they reek havoc in your personal and professional life.

You will recognize these false beliefs because they continue to play in your head life a broken record. Here are some common false beliefs:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t matter
  • things will never change
  • I’ll never succeed
  • People are threatened by me

These lies are sabotaging your life and preventing you from pursuing new ideas and opportunities. But if you continue to listen to these lies and accept them as truth you will never achieve your full potential.

Of course you’re not alone. Most people think this way because unfortunately, many people lack self-awareness and it costs them dearly in their self-worth.

Self-awareness involves having a clear perception of who you are… your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Being self-aware means developing an unbiased perception of your:

  • strengths
  • limits
  • beliefs
  • virtues
  • needs

Take a moment to describe yourself. How do you describe yourself?

How do you describe yourself?
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