TCS Life Coach System

Tri-Commitment Success (TCS) System – 12 Sessions

The TCS Life Coaching System is designed to overcome:

Being Stuck
Fear of Failure
Low self-confidence
Poor self-image

In 3 Steps…

STEP ONE: Undo The Doing

Learn what you believe about yourself and develop self-awareness. You get a personalized behavioral assessment and self-assessment tool plus step-by-step instructions to:

  • identify and challenge negative thought patterns
  • change belief systems
  • let go of shame and guilt
  • avoid chasing an ideal
  • manage perceptions
  • and unlock your potential

After completing step 1 you will be able to put an end to the perpetual cycle of people pleasing, giving-up, and avoiding failure.

STEP TWO: Rebuild The Core

In the second part of the TCS System I will guide you to discover and to assess for:

  • strengths and skills
  • virtues and core values
  • personal needs
  • risk tolerance
  • and, how to write a personal empowerment statement (a brief, concise description of your person to keep you empowered and focused on the road ahead)


I am a detailed oriented creative leader with a passion for helping others and affecting positive change in my community. 

After completing step 2 of the TCS System you will be more confident and feel assured of your abilities and how to use them moving forward.

STEP THREE: Reach For Your Full Potential

In the last step of the TCS system I will guide you to putting all 3-steps together to set real objectives and goals that:

  • leverage your unique strengths and skills
  • express your core values
  • satisfy your personal and professional needs

In this step I will guide you to:

  • develop a plan with one objective and multiple goals
  • develop a strategy for every goal
  • develop a measure to monitor progress

After completing this 12-session TCS Life Coach System, you will have the tools, the confidence and the ability to achieve your goals and dreams. You will experience a new level of awareness, independence, and self-discipline to keep you motivated and focused toward achieving your full potential.

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