Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential

[intro-paragraph]Complete “personal success” system for building a solid self-image and to achieve your full potential [/intro-paragraph]

Stop Sabotaging Your Life – 3 Steps To Your Full Potential

By Author Bruno LoGreco Master Life Coach & Mentor

In Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential, acclaimed life coach Bruno LoGreco shares his simple path for building a solid self-image and to achieve your full potential.

How many times have you caught yourself thinking something like this?: I’m not enough—good enough…smart enough…good looking enough…successful enough.… LoGreco says we sabotage our lives by focusing too much on being what others want us to be and do, and not spending enough time listening to our own hearts and minds.

Some people try to find self-acceptance and contentment through counseling, but end up trapped on the therapy treadmill. Others try to go it alone, but still end up in a tiresome process of navel-gazing that never leads to personal fulfillment. LoGreco offers a three-step plan to help you reach your own potential: self-awareness (recognize what you have been doing, and why); rebuilding values (learn a different way to do things); and reach your full potential (identify opportunities and set meaningful goals). You will learn to leverage your strengths to stop chasing illusions and work toward achieving your dreams.

LoGreco doesn’t claim his book will cure everything that ails you. As he says, “There is no secret formula, no magic pill that will make you happy, productive, and successful. You must challenge your beliefs and take back control of your choices. Don’t just think outside the box — break out of it altogether.”

What clients and readers are saying about life coach, mentor, and author Bruno LoGreco:

[quoteicon author=”Cristina”]

As a divorced mother of three, I’ve encountered many obstacles, mostly personal ones within myself. I wondered why I kept repeating the same patterns with the men I was dating and why it always ended badly, usually with me being hurt, and questioned what ‘I’ was doing wrong. Bruno taught me how to love myself again, how to respect myself and above all else, BELIEVE in myself.… Bruno saved me from my self-destructive patterns. Without his help, I wouldn’t be the confident woman I am today. I am a better mother for that.


[quoteicon author=”Adrian”]

The world is filled with very successful executives who for decades focus every waking minute on professional accolades and professional development [only to] realize they haven’t take the time out to focus on personal development in terms of a better balance in life, being in touch with their spiritual side and inner self, and even the fun side of life. That would describe me in the past.… I came across Bruno, and I knew he was the man. His personality exudes authenticity and geniality. The man simply knows his stuff, has this uncanny ability to read between the lines, and zero in instantly on underlying triggers. His structured approach steers you to address issues head on; challenges you to challenge yourself; opens your mind; helps you understand behaviors, experiences and patterns; gets you in touch with yourself; fuels a sense of purpose and passion; and escorts you to chart a new course to life. He never judges, but relentlessly encourages and empowers you. He’s truly a brilliant, genuine and a humane person with an infectious enthusiasm to make you seize your inborn potential.


[quoteicon author=”Blain”]

If I had to sum up my experience with Bruno in one word, it would be ‘awakened.’ Bruno helped me see life from a different perspective, which is what I needed, but most importantly, he showed me how to do that myself without being dependent on him.… Bruno got me to step outside of my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn’t have done otherwise, which is undoubtedly the key to growth.”


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