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Bruno LoGreco’s Life Coach TIP for SUCCESS!



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Coaching Advice – There Is No Success Without Failure

Is success possible without failure?

The key to success is embracing failure. Failure is the gateway to tacit knowledge that brings about grand success and triumph.

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My Search For Purpose



Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To your Full Potential

author-life-coach-stop-sabotaging-your-lifeNot long ago, I was just like you: stuck, bored, without passion. On paper, I had it all. At thirty years old, I’d long since made the right turns off the dead-end, one-way street I’d started down during my teens. I’d found my way into the corporate fast lane at Johnson & Johnson, outsourcing global IT services to India, and I earned decent money. I worked hard, but my stripped-down life—I lived in a hotel room for two years—left me with a lot of down time.

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Achieving a Milestone and Celebrating Success

So after four-years of trying to write my book, I finally finished it. There was no way I could have written it four-years ago without the experience and the knowledge that life offers. One experience after another, each one led me to a piece of valuable information unbeknown to me at the beginning of my journey. Its what they call “Aha” moments – After almost every experience I remember saying to myself “there’s no way I would have known this until this moment. I don’t know how on earth I could have believed I had everything I needed to write a Best Seller, four-years ago – Naïve… Right?

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6 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Self Esteem

Self esteem is defined as a feeling or sense of pride in yourself. This feeling can come from doing a number of different things. Most times it happens when you achieve something you work for or you set a goal and you’ve accomplished it through commitment and persistence.

When you feel like everything is going wrong or you aren’t achieving what you set out to do, this can cause your self esteem to tumble. Low self esteem can lead to depression, stress and anxiety, so it’s not worth it in the long run. To get the boost you need so you can continue on and reach for your goals you will need to follow the six tips below.

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Commitment is a state of being. It is dedication and follow-through of an action or task to conclusion irrespective of the outcome. It is the act of scheduling time to execute the commitment to completion. It is an obligation you owe to yourself which will lead you to ultimate success.

Bruno LoGreco Professional Life Coach, Author & Television Personality

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Personal success resume: Your accomplishments, successes and achievements


Do you know what your personal and professional accomplishments are? If someone asked you to list your accomplishments at this very moment, would you be able to do that with confidence and without hesitation? Go ahead and list just 10 achievements out for me, right now (though I know you have many more than the 10 you will list).

If you are anything like the average person, you had a difficult time coming up with 10 of your successes and you may have found yourself to be grasping for anything that came to mind. The reason for this is that you rarely think about your accomplishments. When you do think about them you tend to minimize the value of the success and you minimize the effort, discipline, and work it took to complete your goal and as a result you do not count your success as a success. The end result? You soon forgot about the wonderful things you have achieved and now you find your success list to be quite short.

While some of you may be aware of your professional accomplishments because you need to keep and update your work resume every now and then, your personal accomplishments, unfortunately, do not get the recognition they deserve. You, as a person, are a complex being and your professional successes are not enough to satisfy your image of yourself. To maximize your level of content, happiness, and accomplishment, you need to feel like a winner in all areas of life.

So, why not keep a personal resume of your accomplishments? There are many benefits to doing this! The most important is that focusing on your successes will bring about more successes. If you focus on your failures, it will bring you more of the same. Other advantages of success-orientation include:

1. Increases in your self-esteem and self-confidence
2. Focus on success encourages you when the going gets tough
3. Directs you in the direction you want to or need to go
4. Gives you a sense of pride in yourself
5. Increases your positive thoughts about yourself (e.g. from “I’m a loser and worthless” to “I’m accomplished and successful)
6. Having your accomplishments fresh in your mind will make it easier to talk positively about yourself
7. Focus on success reduces confusion, uncertainty, and unproductiveness
8. Focus on success gives you confidence to set better and higher goals

There are numerous benefits to focusing on your past achievements. It is up to YOU to decide what your focal point will be and to TAKE ACTION to live out your decision. That’s your responsibility! Good intentions without actions are useless.

The easiest way for you to do this is to keep a list of successes in your office and by your bed—you can’t have too many copies of your success list lying around. Having a success list in your office can serve as inspiration and motivation to face problems head on when things get hard. Not only will it boost your confidence and self-esteem levels but you never know when previous achievements might spark a solution to a new problem. Keeping your success list by your bed, makes it possible for you to read the list right before you go to bed and feel awesome about yourself as you fall asleep. This process will develop and nourish your self-esteem, your confidence in your ability to perform, and enhance positive emotions about yourself. These are just some of the key ingredients to more success.

What are you waiting for? Get out your journal and pen, and create a personal resume for yourself, right now! Don’t forget to update your personal resume as your successes pour in!

Bruno LoGreco life coach, toronto mentor & motivational speaker

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Success isn’t sacrificing your life – It’s enjoying it and It’s being YOU! That’s true success

What does success look like to you? Is it your neighbor’s home, the luxury car from down the street, or is it someone’s professional role – Vice President of something or another? Maybe it’s that girl and her way of life – what she wears and whom she hangs with, or the celebrity you watch on television. What about him? Do you admire his lifestyle – the gorgeous watch, the shiny shoes? Do you wish it were you? Is that success?

Or, is success just being you, an intimate knowledge of yourself: strengths, weaknesses, like and dislikes with a focus towards your innate abilities – your true strengths? The power to execute and deliver results effortlessly. Staying the course committed to achieving one goal after another. Small wins along the way, which lead to major victories. Isn’t that success?

How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve success? Will you travel the distance for the “role?” Will you work two jobs to own your home with three indoor garages and weekends too so you could drive a luxury vehicle and to look and feel like they do? How far will you go and how much will it cost you? Should success cost you your soul?

Is success chasing an ideal lifestyle or is it just being you and accepting what your strengths bring you? Can you really achieve another person’s look and feel or is it easier to accept and appreciate how you look and feel? Is it fighting a lost battle due to lack of skills or is it the knowledge gained from each battle, which strengthens your natural skills?

What does success look like to you?
Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor, Motivational Speaker
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How Do I Get My Lazy Unmotivated Kid Off The Couch?

Why do parents ask me this question?

Your kid is not the only one sitting around the house doing nothing. A lot of kids lack drive and ambition. Many, to some degree will probably go through a similar phase in there 20’s. It’s the natural progression of development – the transition from adolescent into adulthood, and some kids have a difficult time with it.

I know – nobody wants to see their kid sitting around the house being lazy after quitting a number of jobs or dropping out of school. It’s a tough thing to swallow and it pokes holes into what you believe about your parenting skills. You’ve done an excellent job. Its not your fault it’s just the natural progression of development, so don’t worry. They have enough pressure as it is, they don’t need your insecurities too.

Right now they are developing skills to cope with personal and professional connections, love and parenting skills. It’s a lot to figure out. In the previous phase they developed their identity. If for whatever reason they weren’t able to develop the acceptance of oneself then the phase they are in now poses a great challenge. Its like asking a grade 1 kid to do grade 2 math. If the kid wasn’t taught basic math skills, it is unlikely he will do well .

This is the challenge your kid faces today. So they feel anxious, stressed out, inadequate and not good enough, and some say they feel like complete failures. With this mindset their self-confidence is shot so there is no reason for them to get off the couch.

The key is to identify and foster their natural strength or passion. Everyone has something. Find and develop it – enroll them into programs and support them. And if for whatever reason they fall off the wagon, its okay – no big deal, it just wasn’t the right one. Sooner or later they will find the right one.

With the proper support and encouragement they will not only get off the couch they will be motivated to succeed beyond there 20’s and into the future.

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor
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Aim – Ready – Fire! The Secret To New Years Resolutions

Do you want to be successful in 2010? In just a few minutes you will learn the formula to arrive at the true meaning of success. Many will discover success in the New Year and I want you to enjoy and to celebrate it too.

Forget everything you ever heard about New Years Resolutions. They don’t work. In fact they make you feel like a failure rather than feeling successful. It’s because resolutions typically include everything and anything that isn’t exciting and everything that requires tons of energy. True success is derived from excitement. Excitement fosters success, not mundane tedious tasks that must be done daily anyhow.

Do you a favor – give yourself permission to dream. Take a moment and be a kid again. Make the dream as big as you can as if there are no limits. Don’t hold back. Dream the impossible no matter how unrealistic it may seem. When you have an image in mind that excites you take a snap shot of it. It is an image of what the dream looks like in the final state.


Now you’re one step closer to realizing the dream. The image in mind is your “Aim” a target to fire at. A quote made popular by New York’s Best Seller, The Secret “If you can dream it you can achieve it.” Believe its possible and it will be. It is true if you have the capacity to dream it you have the capacity to see it to fruition. All you need is a vision, something to “Aim” at. If the image is to win the lottery you might as well stop reading now.


Get excited! The image you have in mind is about to become your reality. Get “Ready” is the next step to seeing your dream come true. “Ready” is taking small steps. I compare it to what babies do before they try to walk – they crawl. Babies spend countless time trying to get up onto their little, wobbly, feet. They get ready by strengthening their ability by crawling on the floor, mimicking what they see. They continue to try again and again until they finally get it and learn what it takes to walk on there own two feet.

You must do the same. Think of 3 tiny steps you could take. It could be mimicking those who already achieved a similar dream. It could be learning something new or even conducting research. Do anything to learn enough for you to feel confident enough to take a shot at getting onto your feet.


AIM – READY – FIRE! Take action. By now you should have enough knowledge to attempt getting up onto your feet. The greater the excitement is for the image the more determined and ambitious you will be to create it. Write on a piece of paper 3 tasks you will execute in the next 24 hours.

At the end of each day, reflect upon the day’s experiences and learn from it. After you learned from each experience write another 3 tasks for you to execute tomorrow. If you continue this process everyday, sooner or later you will create the image in your mind and you will live it too.

As the expression says, “nothing good ever comes easy” If you think success happens over night and without a few bumps and bruises, you’d better think again. Babies fall again and again before they get up onto their feet, so you better count on taking a few spills before getting up onto yours.

A Positive Mind Set

A glass half full is better than a glass half empty. It’s your perspective that changes an experience from a negative to positive one. Every experience will have a positive and certainly a negative, its what you want to see.

A young woman falls down a flight of stairs and on her way down she observes people laughing at her misfortune. She can choose to be humiliated, or she could believe she lightened up their day by sharing an amusing moment.

I Don’t Know How To

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Don’t expect to have all the answers right off the bat, but don’t let that stop you. No one has all the answers – everyone starts with the basics and learns the rest as they go, and so will you. When you get to a crossroad and aren’t sure which direction to travel, it means you have to learn something that is unfamiliar. You cannot foresee this far ahead so its only when you get here will you know that you are ready for the lesson, after which the direction will become clear.


Say what you mean: mean what you say. Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. If you truly want to create the life you dream, hold yourself accountable. Be honest with yourself, take responsibility for what you say and do. You have the ability to look beyond the immediate moment to know what the outcome of your behavior will be. Do nothing and get nothing, do something and you will get something in return. It’s all up to you to make it happen.


Me among others will support anyone who is longing to make their dream come true. If you are that person who starts strong only to fall off the wagon when the going gets tough because you lack support, fear no more you will have full support.

Here is how it will work…

1. Create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.
2. Update your status with your goal include your 3 tiny steps.
3. At the end of your status update include the following #SupportMyGoal
4. Every night log into Twitter, update your status with the next 3 tiny steps.
5. Update Twitter each time you succeed at a task. Always remember to add #SupportMyGoal at the end of each update.

Via Twitter you can monitor everyone’s progress when you search #SupportMyGoal. If you follow this easy process you will receive the support you and help you need until your dream becomes reality. Like attracts like, not only will you have all the support you need but you will have everyone cheering and encouraging you all the way to the end.

I invite you to join me and others in creating a prosperous and successful 2010.

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor
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