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How to Stop Procrastination Dead in Its Track!

How to Stop Procrastination Dead in Its Track!

Procrastination is a difficult to stop dead in its track. It wastes so much of your valuable energy, and holds you back from success. It can cause serious problems in your life, career, and success, and even sabotage your dreams.

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5 Tips to Empower Your Potential

Achieving Your True Potential

Is uncertainty the main saboteur in your quest for happiness and success? Are you great at starting projects, but often find it difficult to finish them? If so, it’s time to get motivated – New beginnings are upon you!

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Achieve Your Potential

Is procrastination the saboteur in your life?

Do you need a life coach to tell you that procrastination plays the role of the saboteur in your life? Or, do you already know that?

Are you fast at starting things but just as fast at giving it up?

Its no wonder. Most people are afraid of failing. Believe it or not, some people are even afraid of success. They makeup excuses and tell themselves bogus lies like, “I’ll never succeed.” Who am I kidding, I don’t have the skills, experience, or credentials.”

Those kinds of thoughts keep you trapped, feeling stuck, and struggling to achieve your potential, until you realize what’s really happening.

People that put off doing something, stall, and drag their feet, rarely recognize that they are also perfectionists. Their too afraid of showing vulnerability to others.

That’s why you’re struggling to achieve your potential and feel stuck, trapped, and too afraid of making a move.

Get unstuck by following my 5-step process and reach for your potential:

  1. Burn the report card. Stop measuring your success and accomplishments, and comparing it with others.
  2. Give yourself permission to fail. You’ll gain invaluable tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is nontransferable intelligence.
  3. Leverage your strengths and values. Use your innate abilities to create the life you dream of.
  4. Understand and satisfy your needs. Set goals and objectives which are meaningful and fulfilling.
  5. Get in to a routine. It will be easier to manage your time more effectively to complete tasks and reach your potential.

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Life Coach Yourself

To Overcome Procrastination in 7 Steps

A life coach has education, experience, and wisdom, not a magic wand or secret pill for overcoming procrastination. If you don’t have access to a life coach but are determined to overcome procrastination, what you need is momentum and success under your belt.

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Procrastinators Are Created Not Born

Procrastinators Are Created Not Born

An 18th century English poet named Edward Young once wrote that “procrastination is the thief of time.” If you are like most people, the thought of someone stealing from you probably makes you angry. Yet, when you habitually procrastinate, you are stealing from yourself. You rob yourself of time, focus and energy. Your procrastination can even rob you of the ability to realize the dreams and desires of your true self.

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Perfectionist, The Ultimate Procrastinator

Are you a perfectionist? Someone who cannot tolerate errors and will go the extra mile to ensure whatever you are working on is perfect?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the question above, I bet that you also procrastinate. Meaning you spend more time and energy on useless tasks instead of the real important ones. Lets face it useless tasks provide you with a sense of satisfaction – a reward because you can finish them, but those other tasks they take longer and will require much more of your time and energy to achieve, and there is a slight chance you might fail at it, so what’s the point you might think – Right?

Excuse after excuse you find a reason not to tackle those important things, busying yourself with useless tasks that provide you with instant gratification. However, did you notice those important tasks never went away? There still there waiting for you aren’t they? And if you continue putting them off you will eventually start to feel anxious at the thought of them. You might even be feeling a bit anxious at this very moment. Just be careful not to spend more time than necessary on useless tasks because the really important ones, they never go away.
I also bet that if you had the right tool you wouldn’t be such a procrastinator.
Here’s my 3-step ACT formula to help you overcome procrastination:

  1. Acknowledge – What is the project?
  2. Accept – It will require your time, energy, patience and commitment.
  3. Identify – What is the effort, what must I do?

Don’t wait another moment do it NOW

Bruno LoGreco life coach toronto, author & keynote speaker
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Don’t Let Fear Turn You Into a Procrastinator – Especially if You’re a Perfectionist

The first step to addressing procrastination is to admit that you are a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator doesn’t necessarily mean you are lazy. Some procrastinators are also perfectionists. They will only do the things they do well and with accuracy but won’t do the things that they do not know how to do because they fear they cannot live up to their own expectation – perfection, so they put it off.

Past experiences will play a role in procrastinators. If you have experienced a negative outcome with something you put your heart and soul into you will be less likely to tackle something of the same nature in the future for fear of failure, and possibly judgment. You will most likely only lean towards things, which you know you can do well.

There could be many reasons why you procrastinate. The objective is to learn why and understand what you fear. You may be putting things off because you just don’t know how to execute it. Maybe you did have a bad experience and were judged by your peers. Perhaps you’re an over achiever and by not producing something of excellence, frightens you.

Once you identify the cause, you will need to take action. You will need to face your fear head on. Most procrastinators are not aware that it does take a few failures before they will learn a new skill. This is the only way you will learn and grow as an individual.

At the end of the day if you decide to continue putting off tasks for whatever reason or fear, the truth is you already failed, yourself and possibly others. If you continue down this path eventually you will become stagnant and one day wakeup feeling stuck.

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

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What challenge or task are you putting off today for tomorrow?

Its no surprise that you along with 95% of the population will put off completing a challenge/task today in hopes of completing it tomorrow. Tomorrow, 20% of you will find another excuse so that you could put off addressing your challenge/task for another day. In fact, if you are among the 20% of the population that experiences chronic procrastination, you have tons of excuses to justify why tomorrow is better than today. Excuses such as: I don’t have enough time to successfully complete it today—I’m not feeling creative enough—I work better under pressure.

There are many studies on chronic procrastination–some studies show that procrastination is a behavior associated to perfectionism, while other studies show that procrastination is a behavior a person experiences if they fear success.

Procrastination is known to be a mechanism for coping with anxiety when having to start or complete any task or decision. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on the 20% of the population that experience chronic procrastination.

When a known procrastinator is faced with a challenge/task, they evaluate their capabilities, their level of confidence, and how successful they feel they will be in completing the challenge/task. If they lack confidence in self, or fear the outcome of the challenge/task, they are more likely to push out the date as far as possible. This is why New Years Resolution are made and just as quickly broken.

Often time decisions are made without proper forethought. A procrastinator is eager to be involved in many challenges/tasks, at work or at home, so that they can prove to themselves and those around them that they can be successful, proving their self-worth. Unfortunately, this impulsive behavior further strengthens the procrastinators mind set, creating new doubts and fear, while their level of confidence continues to drop.

Any distraction is a good distraction for a procrastinator whose level of anxiety continues to rise with each passing day. Emails, research, anything they could deviate their attention to so that they don’t have to think about what they agreed to do—whether it was an agreement made with self or to somebody else they feel possess authority, like their boss, parent or even their spouse.

With no confidence, negative self-talk and the fear of the outcome sets in– you might or might not be consciously aware of it– your inspiration and motivation did not come knocking today, but you hope that tomorrow will bring you exactly what you need so that you can kick-start the task at hand–your anxiety level rises as you divert your attention again.

Are you born with the procrastination gene or is procrastination a learned behavior?

Perhaps procrastination could be tied to a gene, or maybe it could be tied to your childhood and your immediate influencers. Perhaps you grew-up in a controlling environment where you were unable to develop some of the key essential life skills such as internalizing your own intentions and learning how to act on them. Maybe you rebelled against your parents during your teens not wanting to relinquish control.

6 Steps To Overcome Procrastination:

1. Write all the challenges/tasks you’ve been putting off for the fear of failure
a. Work Projects
b. Losing weight
c. Setting personal goals
d. Accomplishing house projects

2. For each activity you are afraid of completing, ask yourself the following questions:
a. What am I afraid of?
b. What outcome do I fear most?
c. What can I do to change the outcome so that it will be in my favor?

3. Create a plan
a. Breakdown your plan into manageable chunks
b. Create small tasks for each chunk

4. Replace negative habits with positive habits

5. Complete one task each day
a. Check mark the completed task in your plan

6. Monitor your progress within your plan as you build
a. Motivation
b. Confidence
c. Self-esteem

To learn more about Master Life Coach, Toronto Native Bruno LoGreco, visit www.brunologreco.com

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