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Goals worthwhile achieving take time patience and commitment

So its 7 days into the New Year and I am well on way to achieving my goals. How about you, did you start working towards yours?

In my last post It’s a Brand New Year I listed 4 goals I will be working towards this year. Actually, one of them – Finish Book, has been an ongoing goal for the past 5 years. I tried to write it a number of times but failed every time. Okay, maybe I didn’t fail. Let me rephrase that. I did not have all the components to finish writing it – not until this past summer. So every time I tried to put it together in the past it never made sense. After reading each version I’d ask myself if I would buy the book and my answer was “No.”

This past summer while working with a colleague on a docu-series I was asked to describe the system I use to help clients to overcome self-defeating and negative behavior. I began explaining the process to him assuming he already had an understanding of awareness. He’s a filmmaker whose attention to detail is incredible and reminded me that people don’t know what I know about awareness and I shouldn’t assume they do, and asked me to explain the process in detail. I proceeded to illustrate the process, how I take clients through the journey of self-discovery. The tools I use to uncover root causes to negative behavior. How I unlock their true identity and natural strengths and use those to plan for the future. Being able to spit out those words and illustrating the process for somebody else to visualize in detail was the inspiration I needed for the book and for the birth of Tri-Commitment to Success, my workshop. This was the meeting that needed to happen for me to finish putting the book together.

Sometimes ideas take a long time to come to fruition. Some people have a dream and get all the inspiration they need to produce something amazing the morning after, while other people get inspired by experiences but need several of them over a period of time to produce something amazing. Everyone is different. Personally, it takes me a long time to produce something. It has taken 5 years and counting to write the book and 1 year to produce the workshop

A tip I often leave clients is that nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve nor does it happen overnight. Just think back to when you got your driver’s license. You had to go through a process to get it – drivers permit and then take drivers ed perhaps a had to go through a graduated licensing program. But when you finally did get your full license you were free and independent and unless you break the law or have health issues, it’s yours for life.

Now I am months away from the final manuscript. And less than 2 months to the launch of Tri-Commitment to Success. Both were goals worthwhile pursuing and well worth the journey.

Did you carry over a goal from last year?

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach Toronto
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You screw up one time, you miss one session, you fall off the wagon and you are out!

I meet all kinds of men and women from different walks of life. They come here hoping that I have the ability to help them find happiness in life. For most people, I can turn their hope into reality. I can help almost anyone overcome whatever behavioral issue they are suffering from except for addictions. Additions are not my area of expertise.

Several months ago I met with a very unique young woman. Someone extremely special in her life scheduled a consultation on her behalf. The first time I laid eyes on her, I’ll admit, I was skeptical and unsure if I could affect change in her. She’d been in trouble with the law, diagnosed with several mental disorders and was an addict to boot. More than I was prepared to work with.

The consultation did not last very long, in fact less than 30 minutes. Toward the end of the meeting after bombarding her with dozens of questions I decided that she wasn’t a good candidate for my life coaching program. Right before I was about to deliver my decision to her, she broke down and started to cry. She looked up at me with her teary blue eyes and in a state of vulnerability and said, “please help me.” My heart sank. For the first time in the 30 minutes that we were together, I had finally felt her energy. It was a light, tingling sensation followed by warmth. It was an odd sensation, it led me to say, “This is the way it’s going to work. You screw up one time, you miss one session, you fall off the wagon and you are out. You must agree to and commit yourself to a rehabilitation program, and you must be enrolled before we can begin. Do I make myself clear?” She looked at me and said, “I promise, I will do whatever it takes.

Did she have any relapses? Yes. Did I expect her to be perfect? No. Did she prove me wrong? Absolutely.

We are now into month #3 of her life coaching program. She has secured a job. Has become an active member of society. The relationship with her parents has improved tremendously and she is on a path to success. But the most incredible aspect of this story is deep down inside of this unique, incredibly talented, determined soul is a voice so spectacular it will send shivers down your spine.
I am so proud and honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a person. I can’t wait for the world to meet her.

Bruno LoGreco life coach toronto, author & television personality

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Helped Me See This Light

"My name translates into “Light at the end of the Tunnel”. Below I write an account of my experience with an incredible human being who helped me see this light."

— Munira (Toronto, Ontario)

Enroute to my home country, I touched down at Schipol Airport for 6 hours. My thoughts wandered off and I thought back of the stressful seven months that I had just experienced. I was now on an even more stressful mission – visiting my elderly and sick family in Dar Es Salaam. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the busy Schipol check-point, a sudden calm reigned inside me for a quick instant. I recollected the last seven months; completing five undergraduate courses having written my last exam written on April 20, 2010, three days prior to my departure, handing over my job to a temporary staff having already dealt with my team’s main priorities, and sailing through an enormous financial storm resulting from a series of uninformed transactions. Seven months ago I would have seen all this as an impossibility not to be contended with. Seven months ago, I would have looked at all this as unconquerable because I had been filled with such a high degree of negativity, resentment of my horrible past experiences, hatred towards those more successful than I was, impatience at things that were not going my way, and a huge ego that was pulling me down every second I tried to achieve something. I still have remnants of these vices left in me which I sincerely hope that Bruno will continue to help me erase in the next little while.

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Life gets boring when you confine it to a box

Life gets boring when you confine it to a box. I have never been one to conform to any box but most recently I went looking for myself, oddly enough I found me in a box.

There was a time when I did not edit my writing. I just wrote whatever flowed. Grammar is a weakness so checking for grammar is kind useless when you really don’t know what you’re looking for. Accepting grammar as my weakness allowed me to express myself without judgment. Yeah, I’ve panicked a number of times after reading an older post and realizing the amount of incorrect words, grammatical errors and more, but at least I was able to get my message out and that to me is a creative expression – without limitations – nothing stopping you for authentically expressing yourself.

I’ve been very committed and focused with my life coaching practice. 4 years ago when I decided to become a professional life coach, I knew I had to take the leap of faith and to never look back. I was 100% confident and certain this was my life path. From that moment it was my mission to succeed. The one and only thing I knew going into this was the true definition of success: “To start and to finish what you set off to do.” How could I ever give up?

Bogging in the beginning I used so I could dump whatever thought I had at that moment. Anything from personal development workshops, Ideas, emotions, life coaching tools, my personal journey – anything that popped into mind at that moment is what I’d write about. It wasn’t linked to www.brunologreco.com, not at first. I wasn’t sure if I was okay with potential clients reading my chicken scratch. My writing skills improved over the years just like any other skill – if you practice it enough sooner or later you get better at it, and so I linked it to my website.

But more than potential clients are reading this blog, it is being read by others who might be interested in a life coach for other reasons. Production companies seeking a life coach to appear on a television show, producers needing to fill airtime for radio – schools looking for a student mentor – and for many more reasons.

So for many more reasons I started to believe at some point that I should only put out quality posts with substance. That I should check my grammar and if I’m not qualified to check it then hire someone who is. I should make sure I finish a thought and tie everything together. I should follow a format and stick to it. I should…

So today I decided to cut the box open and to write whatever comes to mind without any limitations and not care about who might be reading it. Although now that I am close to the end of the post – which I will not edit, I see there is a purpose to it, possibly many.

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Able To Face My Future

"Bruno has been a tremendous help to me in the past few months he has made me see and realize things I never would be able to on my own. I feel like now I’m able to face my future with much more clarity. Bruno has made me see that my life is important and that always doing for everyone else isn’t going to benefit me and my future. My future seems a lot brighter thanks to Bruno after teaching me that it’s okay to sometimes be selfish. Bruno has been there if needed 24/7 and just to bounce thoughts and feelings off of him when needed has been a tremendous help to me. Bruno is an inspiration for sure and through him I’ve made a friend who is not only there as a life coach but a great support to me anytime I need it."

— Karen (Richmond Hill, Ontario)
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What Inspired You Recently?

You could find inspiration everywhere. Everything you touch, everything you do and everyone you meet could be a source of inspiration. You could find it in anything that interacts with your senses. Think about a time when you got excited after watching something or listened to a song. There aren’t any limitations to finding it other than the limits you put on yourself.

Did you ever find yourself annoyed with something impractical, something that’s supposed to be functional but really isn’t? Did you think it could be designed better if, only it … What did you do with whatever came after the “if” statement? Did you get excited about the idea? Did you believe at that moment if all things were possible and there were no obstacles you would be able to design and develop something better?

How about that speaker who inspired you at the last seminar you attended? Were you mesmerized by what he or she said? Did they say something thought provoking that changed your perception? Did he or she tell you to do something that excited you so much that you did whatever was asked of you the moment the seminar ended? Do you remember if you got excited?

Did you hear about the guy that integrated the digital world to the physical world? That’s right, a guy found away to integrate the digital world into the physical world rending anything including a piece of paper compatible. He found his inspiration in an old style mouse. The one’s with the rubber ball inside it to control the movement of the cursor on your computer screen. Here, check it out for yourself.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just need an open mind, free from clutter and noise to see what is rather than judging what isn’t.

What inspired you recently?

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & TV Personality
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Excitement! The Source of Inspiration That Will Inspire You

I am so excited about 2010. 2009 was an amazing year filled with accomplishments, successes, and many invaluable lessons. What I’m taking into 2010 from 2009 is excitement – I know when I get excited about something I make it happen, regardless of how big it is. To me, Its exciting to watch something materialize right before my eyes. It boosts my confidence and my ego too. It makes me want more.

Did I mention that I am excited to be a Motivational Speaker? I started the New Year with representation. The National Speakers Bureau represents me now, and they will book most of my upcoming speaking engagements. But the real reason I am excited is because I get to design these events to be as exciting as I can imagine it to be. Talk about “creative expression.”

Thankfully I took time off this past December, because I caught myself many times throughout the month imagining bits and pieces to the upcoming event I’m designing, it’s titled: “Fear and Success – Judgment Time”. The time off allowed me to submerge into my imagination to design the various aspects of the talk: How I will introduce the topic, the jokes I will tell, the experiences I will share and how I plan to illustrate the illusion many face when dealing with fear. I get to create this entire experience and share it with thousands and hopefully tens of thousands of people.

I will give credit where it’s owed. I’m inspired by what I saw in New York. If I am going to be successful as a Motivational Speaker I must be prepared to give it my all. Everything I have in me to deliver a highly effective and successful talk that will inspire and change the audience’s perception just as mine changed after being inspired by New York.

This is why I am excited about 2010. The entire year is a blank canvas for me to design a work of art. Everything I design will add texture and color to my canvas. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the year.

Trust you too are excited to create a work of art.

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & TV Personality
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New York, Where Dreams Are Made From

New York is an incredible city. It has a lot to offer just about anyone from any walk of life. That’s why people from around the world flock to it. They say it’s the city where dreams come true and where you could reinvent yourself again and again, and make it each time. It’s the city that never sleeps.

A brilliant display of pyrotechnics rang in 2009. I stood watching – 39 stories above the streets of Manhattan on a balcony in sub-freezing temperatures. I was awed by the sheer magnitude and beauty of the city. My inspiration grew with each burst and boom from the pyrotechnics that illuminated the skies. I was dazzled, I was amazed – I just knew 2009 was to be an incredible year, and it was.

I rang in the New Year inspired and motivated to shoot for the Stars. I got a taste of television in 2008 and I wanted more of it, and that’s exactly what happened. In 2009 I made many appearances on the hit reality show, Style By Jury. Month after month we taped candidates making huge internal and external transformations. I fulfilled my 2009 wish, and now I have another one.

New Years Eve I will make another wish for 2010 here in New York. I know there are no limits to what I can achieve. The only limit is my imagination. Anything is possible as long as I do something about it, and I am hungry for it. Experience tells me that if I continue to follow my heart – the passion I have for what I do, I will see another dream, another wish come true.

New York is an incredible city and where dreams are made from, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter where you’re from. You don’t have to move to New York to see dreams come true. Dreams become true because of passion – the passion you have in your heart for what you do. I visit New York only. Maybe it’s enough to give me the inspiration and motivation I need to fulfill my dreams, but so far in Toronto is where my dream have become true.

At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, make a wish no matter how unreal it may seem. Imagine what the wish looks like and take a snapshot – an image of it. Keep that image in your mind. My hope and wish for you in the New Year is that your wish come true.
Happy New Year!

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor
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