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5 Steps to Embrace Change

5 Steps to Embrace Change5 Steps to Embrace Change, By Andrew Schick, TCS Life Coach:


Change. We all fear it. It involves stepping outside of our comfort zone. It takes away from our sense of certainty and security. Change brings on new opportunities, relationships, situations and adversities which will inevitably take place, for the good or for the bad. Change can be looked at in 2 ways:

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Positive Perspective

"Before I met Bruno, every day was long and I didn’t have anything to look forward to, except my job and wellÉthe work that came with my job. Not only had I been trying to please my parents and boss, but I had not been doing anything to relax or treat myself for working so hard. Within a couple sessions, I had begun to realize why I felt like I had not achieved much, and felt obligated to do certain tasks. I learned that my own negative thinking patterns kept me far back from ever feeling like I had done some thing right for a change. But thankfully, I was determined to find a life coach that could help me change all that. Now that I’ve been learning from Bruno, I have been able to enjoy my job and find other activities to make me an active participant in my social and day-to-day life. I have a newly trained, positive perspective; I am involved in my own healthy habits; I understand myself; and those around me. Facing your fears is never easy, but with the help of Bruno, it can be a whole lot easier!"

— Beryl (Toronto, Ontario)
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Change The Rhythm Of Your Life

Can you remember the last time you did something spontaneous and had fun doing it? Something without a plan – it just happened. You had no time to think and to strategize an outcome, the only time you did have was used to dive into the experience. And because you did not have a strategy the only thing you could do was enjoy the experience as it unfolded. The memory is so vivid in your mind that it puts a smile on your face. What does that memory feel like? Close your eyes and experience the feeling as if it were happening all over again.


Open your eyes. Welcome back!

Take some time and reflect on your memory. Write in a journal what you felt during that experience. Try to articulate the emotions and feelings more than the experience itself. Use descriptive adjectives to capture the essence of your emotions.

Have fun today. Change the rhythm of your life. Step away from your thoughts and allow your joyful, happy attitude to dominate your day.

Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

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Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone! I haven’t posted in a few days because I’m on a mini vacation in New York City. New York is home away from home and soon might be my permanent home. I’ve been sitting on the idea of moving to New York for a few months but I haven’t made my final decision as of yet. New York City is beautiful, vibrant, and alive, but it’s not conducive for creative thinking. There is something about the big city and the way I think – I’m blocked whenever I am here.

New York is an old city and old cities have old buildings that offer very little natural lighting depending on the architecture plus other neighborhood buildings that trump your building in terms of size – what you are left with is a window that offers direct sunlight for maybe one hour each day. Unlike the apartment in Toronto – it’s a corner unit facing southwest and northwest – the sun penetrates the entire unit throughout the entire day until sunset – it’s a beauty for creative thinking and inspiration.

Moving to New York represents change. Am I prepared for change? Absolutely… I’m always up and ready for change – I welcome change with open arms. Moving to New York implies a lot of change. For one, I cannot write inside the apartment because of the lack of lighting. I would have to find a quiet place somewhere in New York that is filled with inspiration and people. I don’t think this will be too hard to find in a city of twelve million.

I enjoy writing in the early hours of the morning while everyone is still sleeping. The stillness and the soundless of the morning fuels my creative juices with ideas, concepts and theory’s about human behavior and why people behave the way they do given a specific situation. New York would be a wealth of information, but first I have to find the perfect spot, not too far from the apartment.

I welcome change – Big change, small change, or any kind of change. I know as long as I have ‘me’ I will be okay no matter where I live. Whether I live in Toronto or whether I live in New York I will still be ‘me’, and as long as I’m still ‘me’ it doesn’t matter where I live or what kind of change lies ahead.

Happy Saturday!

Bruno LoGreco Master Life Coach & Mentor

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