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Get Your #MojoBack Ep. 1

Get Your #MojoBack. Speed Coaching For Your Potential #AskTheCoach With Host Bruno LoGreco

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When Inspiration Knocks

The past several weeks have been incredible. I have learned a whole bunch of new skills, met some really incredible people, all of who share a common interest – To help one another to live a life of purpose and passion. All walks of life from around the world are doing it. How incredible is that?

I am inspired by what I see. When inspiration knock’s you don’t wait for the next one, you open the door and see what lies on the other side. Sometimes you find nothing but sometimes you find more than you ever imagined you could find. What I found on the other side was a vehicle to communicate and share my message with likeminded people, and with men and women from around the world who can benefit from my process: Challenge Your Beliefs. Take Back Control. Break Down The Box. That’s what I share in my new book plus my own personal experiences, which led to the development of my 10-Week Self-Awareness Program also known as U-Turn.

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