Self Awareness

Self Awareness

The success of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” proves that millions are searching for enlightenment, complete self awareness, and a new path in life. People are seeking external answers to internal questions. The truth is the answers lies only within.

Self-awareness is the first step on the path to future success. Knowing yourself means having confidence in your strengths, accepting your weaknesses or limitations, and recognising how to adapt your behaviour in given situations to improve the outcome. Once you learn to develop a relationship with your inner self, the rewards of personal development and self-change are within your reach.

Life Coach Bruno LoGreco provides a path to complete awareness. He offers the motivation and the understanding many people need to confront their fears, overcome their anxieties, and conquer their habitual behaviours. He uncovers the fundamental truths at the core of each individual, and leads them to a lifetime of positive change and happiness. Bruno’s life coaching provides the tools you need to strip away the ego and learned behaviours that obscure your vision and prevent you from implementing the changes you desire.


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