[intro-paragraph]HOW MANY FALSE beliefs do you have?[/intro-paragraph]

[onehalf] You know, the beliefs that play in your head like a broken record and sound like this: I’m not good enough . . . smart enough . . . pretty enough . . . I’m insignificant . . . inadequate . . . stupid . . . won’t amount to anything. . .

How many of those messages are really true? How many of those messages are stopping you from your full potential? Why are you reading this book? Simple. You want to feel better about yourself, about where you are, and where you’re going. You want to jump off the therapy treadmill and onto the path of healthy mental and emotional independence—that’s the prize—and you recognize that my Tri-Commitment to Success program can help you achieve that. But what exactly is the goal? What does healthy mental and emotional independence feel like? Before we can answer that, we need to talk about the first step on the path: self-awareness.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Imagine a world painted in black and white, with everything just another shade of gray. Slate skies, stark black trees, drab expanses blending together . . . Relying on nothing but texture and shape to differentiate one thing from another might help you focus, but it can also flatten your world into a lifeless two-dimensional facsimile of the real thing.

[/onehalf] [onehalflast]

Now imagine a TechnicolorTM world filled with rich, vibrant hues: azure skies, emerald grass, and vivid flowers in amethyst, carmine, and canary. Such a dramatic difference adds a whole new dimension to your life.

A few summers ago, I was driving on I-90 crossing over a river. Interstate highways aren’t generally the “scenic route”; by design they provide the fastest, most efficient way of getting from point A to point B, usually at speeds neither conducive to nor compatible with enjoying picturesque hills and tree-lined roadsides. On that particular day, I had left New York, deep in thought after several intense meetings, and was cruising along toward home nearly oblivious to anything beyond the asphalt in front of me, when I became aware of the radio playing “Slowly”1 by Macy Gray.

Would it be so bad if we just stopped for a while And enjoyed the thrills we could all be still
let the world just pass us by
But it’s all hurry hurry run run there’s no time for this We want more and more got to win got to score so afraid of what we’ll miss
And it moves so fast
Nothing lasts

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