Polishing The Diamond Within - Author Life Coach Bruno LoGreco

Polishing The Diamond Within, A Guide to Self-Confidence

[intro-paragraph]Which one are you? Real Failure. Sophisticated Failure. Pseudo Success. Real Success.[/intro-paragraph]

Teaches the simple rules of building self-confidence and the basic reasons why people fail and how they lose faith in themselves. Uncover the twisted, weed-strewn paths that lead to the realms of the Real Failure, the Sophisticated Failure, and the Pseudo Success; and the routes that lead to Real Success.

You will learn how to identify the Pyramids of Failure and other false beliefs that sabotage your thoughts and actions, and how to replace them with the positive thoughts and values that will erect your own Pillars of Success.

You will discover that the power to change, to grow, to raise self-esteem comes from only one source: YOU!

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[quoteicon author=”Ivana”]When you don’t believe in yourself everything in life is more difficult. Polishing the Diamond Within: A Guide to Self-Confidence reveals the true secret to improving your life. By changing the way you feel about yourself you will open up a multitude of opportunities that can lead you to a life of happiness and success! In addition to being a great motivator, the book offers tools that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. It is an excellent book to read when you’re feeling low and when you’re feeling awesome about yourself; the ideas and tools are always relevant. It is worth re-reading regularly to ensure your confidence level stays at its highest.[/quoteicon]

[quoteicon author=”Karen”]A fantastic read. Congrats Bruno on writing exactly what most people need to read on a daily basis. Self confidence is something that I believe most people need to work on. I very much enjoyed the section on conquering the fear because deep down inside i honestly believe that we all have some kind of fears that usually are easy to overcome. Will read over and over again because I strongly believe that there are some excellent tips here that can help everyone overcome something that they may be struggling with. Excellent read, Congrats and thanks Bruno.[/quoteicon]



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  1. Janice Gluskin-Borsuk
    April 8, 2014

    where can I find the book stop sabotaging your life. if I order from indigo online it will take 4 weeks.. any suggestions?

    1. April 16, 2014

      Hi Janice, you can order a copy directly from us. It’ll arrive within 2 or 3 days if you’re in North America.

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