People who will change your life – City Life Magazine

Check out the February 2014 edition of City Life Magazine – 10 People Who Will Change Your Life. I shared some motivational tips that will take you that much closer to personal fulfillment

“People tend to coast through life not being honest with themselves — about the choices they’ve made or how they got to where they’re at in life. If they’re not pointing fingers at someone else, they’re chasing someone else’s dreams. And that comes a lot from your upbringing. Being compared to siblings, or hearing that your cousin’s a lawyer only results in you doing things that don’t contribute to your own goals. Be honest with yourself, and that honesty will lead to accountability — the basic principles to a well- balanced lifestyle. On the romance front, ask yourself if you’re having a positive or negative experience, if you’re articulating your needs. Don’t put the onus on your partner to do all the correcting and fixing — take accountability for the relationship. ~Bruno LoGreco Master Life Coach



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