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My stomach is in knots right now. Not for anything negative. The knots in my stomach are about the love of life and everything that comes with it. The world is amazing when you open yourself up to love. One of the first things I learned in life was to love myself first. “first and last love is self-love” How can we love anyone else if we don’t love ourselves first?

My knots are going away now. Thank you.

I was reading through some of my latest posts on SEO secrets and I realized I failed to tell you the URL to submit your blog site to. Here it is:

One last thing before I go – I’ve been tracking the progress of it really is starting to take shape. Click www.iijournal.comfor details.

Chat soon,

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So I’m sitting here thinking if I have to go back and correct my spelling and grammar errors. I’ve decided that correcting my errors would turn this into work. So if you have taken an interest in my blog, you should know that sometimes i think so fast i leave out words. When I proof my reading I still don’t catch it because it’s still me proofing my own work. So I will apologize now for any spelling and grammar errors. 

I want to spill my guts out to whoever will listen. I’m a Master Life Coach and Mentor in the Toronto and New York area. I listen to and guide a lot of people so It’s only natural for me to want someone to talk to too, but I don’t necessarily want an answer back from anyone. 
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