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Back to School with Brighter Brains and Better Mornings

By Deborah McNelis, Owner/Creator of braininsights®

Did you know brains like routines and do not like chaos?  Thinking about the start of a new school year can invoke dread or relief depending on the amount of routine you establish for your family.

Mornings certainly can be a trying time for families.  As a caring parent you have the challenge of trying to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time and want to leave home with everyone in a positive mood, ready for learning … and all wearing shoes!

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Hope & Drive

The power of hope – that little sparkle  in the heart

Do you ever hope that the sun will rise tomorrow?  Do you hope that the moon waxes and wanes according to its cycles?  If you hope for something, it means, by definition, there is an element of doubt.  In other words when you hope, you know you don’t have 100% certainty.   You also know the opposite may happen.  If you hope life brings everything you need tomorrow, it means there is a chance that it might not.

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The next time you find yourself evaluating the direction of your life, try to consciously ruminate how your mind affects your emotional wellbeing.  The fact is that we’ve all been conditioned with focusing on the external physical aspects of our being and in doing so, have overlooked the most important component in determining our happiness.  Your mind is comprised of a myriad of thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions, expectations of what will in fact make you happy; all having been compiled consciously and unconsciously over the years.

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Building a Positive Mental Attitude

You probably heard that living with a positive mental attitude has numerous benefits. And it really does!

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