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[intro-paragraph]You can’t change what you can’t see. Self Awareness is the blind eye making change possible.[/intro-paragraph]

Life Coach Bruno LoGreco models his personal development coaching program after one of his favourite psychologists, Erik Erikson. Erikson is best-known for his famous theory of psychosocial development and the concept of the identity crisis. He remains influential today in our understanding of personal development, and it is one of Coach Bruno LoGreco’s secrets.

Inspired by Erikson, Bruno LoGreco researched psychosocial development and studied the origin of limiting beliefs, which control your behaviour, to develop the tools he uses today for his practice. His combined knowledge, intuition and experience plus his work as a life coach led him to the development of a powerful personal development system to help men and women develop self awareness, raise self esteem, and make the necessary life altering changes.

Bruno’s personal development coaching program focuses on authenticity, happiness, and fulfillment and activities that improve:


    • Emotional awareness: behaviour, triggers and personal needs
    • Self confidence: trust in abilities qualities, and judgment
    • Self assessment: strengths, weaknesses and risk tolerance
    • Conscientiousness: taking responsibility and accountability
    • Self-Motivation: self reliant, resilience, and takes initiative
    • Optimism: Persistence, finds the positive in every situation and overcomes challenges and obstacles
    • Life Satisfaction: goals, passion and purpose


Personal development is an ongoing process that should be part of your daily life. Whether you hire Toronto Life Coach Bruno LoGreco or buy self-help books make the investment in yourself today because you’re worth it.


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