[intro-paragraph]Why Personal Coaching is the Way to Go [/intro-paragraph]


When you hear the words ‘personal coaching’, what comes to mind? Do you picture a guy with a yardstick barking orders and telling you what to do? Or perhaps you see a hockey coach pacing back and forth and calling out the names of his team players?

Personal Coaching is evolving and it’s no longer just for sports teams or for the top executives from Fortune 500 companies; it’s now one of the key concepts in personal development and life skills training.

My personal Coaching program involves three stages of growth:

  1. Undoing the doing – challenging your belief system and overcoming barriers
  2. Fostering individuality; talent, strengths and learning to honor them when creating a fulfilling personal and professional life
  3. Defining long-term and short-term goals which foster self expression
Coaching builds up confidence and competence.

Personal coaching and mentoring builds up individual confidence and competence by recognizing and validating good performance and by acknowledging the lessons that come from mistakes. It gives you constructive feedback, support, and the tools to self assess strengths and weaknesses as you work toward long-term objectives.



Personal Coaching Promotes Excellence.

Excellence is a product of habitual good practice. Consistent and ongoing feedback is important in establishing good habits. Self discovery is an ongoing process of identifying strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and attitude to achieve objectives.

Personal coaching develops high commitment to goals.

A personal coach helps you balance short-term wants with long-term needs. It is easy to fall off the wagon and to forget about your long-term goals, the trick is to keep your personal needs in check.

Personal Coaching constantly communicates the long-term vision through formal and informal conversations and helps you remain focused, inspired, and motivated to reach for the target. It helps you stay focused by setting up short-term goals that align with your overall objectives and making an action plan to attain them as you remain motivated and committed to your goals.




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