Master Life Coach, Toronto native Bruno LoGreco

life coachAs a professional life coach, Toronto native Bruno LoGreco has been empowering men and women since 2000 when he first began to apply his natural gifts for motivation and mentoring to helping others learn how to live happier and healthier lives. His education and the knowledge he fostered from his own personal quest for balance and healthy living, combined with his unique talent for connecting with people, helped him develop a powerful methodology that proved so successful that in 2006 he was able to walk away from a flourishing career with a Fortune 500 company to return back to his native city of Toronto to focus on life coaching full time.

Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, workshops and seminars, Bruno’s friendly but direct approach allows him to make genuine connections with people and guide them on their life journeys. He helps individuals from all walks of life find the strength they need to take an honest look inside themselves, and empowers them to make the sometimes-difficult choices required to change their lives for the better.

Bruno has reached a national audience through his appearances on Style by Jury and Save Us from Our House; and has worked with the Toronto District School Board and Canada’s Ministry of Economic Development to teach students the value of personal responsibility and accountability. He has made a number of appearances as a guest and keynote speaker at various public and government events across the country. His relaxed yet animated style entertains, instructs and guides his audience through the steps they need take to become healthier and happier.

As the author of Polishing the Diamond Within, and through his use of blogs and social networking communities such as Facebook and Twitter, Bruno has mastered the traditional and social media outlets to bring his positive and thought-provoking messages to the global community. A true renaissance man, Bruno LoGreco continues to motivate, inspire and empower others to live to their full potential. Follow him at life coach Toronto.

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