Seven Personal Coaching Tips

1. Stop telling yourself you are a failure and providing yourself with reasons to support this self-defeating attitude. If you feel this belief taking hold, simply stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself “I am enough.” How can you expect others to accept you if you are uncomfortable in your own skin?

2. When you see attractive models, do not grieve those qualities you do not possess. Self-acceptance is not just about perfection or being the best. Concentrate on the inner beauty you already possess.
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3. Do NOT forget your past mistakes. Accept them; admit to them; and learn from them. They can help you to identify your limitations and provide opportunities for self-improvement. Nobody is perfect so why should you be? Give yourself permission to live a life of trial and error.

4. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Do not waver and wait for a better one that may never come. If you find yourself faced with numerous opportunities at once, do not hesitate to respond to all of them; but proceed logically and methodically. Prioritize and create a plan of action that allows you to maximize your potential without running yourself ragged.

5. Never succumb to failure, and do not allow yourself to lose hope. You are not going to be beaten by a single failed attempt. Keep trying. Remind yourself that as a baby you had to crawl before you could walk. In learning to walk you tripped, you fell, and you suffered many bumps and bruises. Did you let those stumbles and tears stop you then? Why let them stop you now?

6. Learn to welcome new challenges and increase your risk-taking capacity. New challenges appear frightening but it is only your perception that makes them so. Nothing good ever comes easy so be prepared to work hard to accomplish these new tasks.

7. Reward yourself for all your accomplishments big and small. Size truly doesn’t matter. In your journal, make a list of all your successes and consult it often. Remind yourself how good each triumph felt, and remember the lessons you learned.


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