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Life Coaching Programs by Bruno LoGreco

Life Coach Bruno LoGreco has the experience, tools and education to put you back behind the wheel of your life, and will teach you how to drive forward to a self serving and fulfilling future. Not merely as a “passenger”, but rather a Master Life Coach, Bruno’s step-by-step guidance and support will quickly get you, and keep you, on the right path.

Bruno Offers 3 Life Coaching 
Package Options to Choose From


Single Life Coaching Session

Need a boost of energy on a day when nothing seems to be going right? Speak with Bruno for an hour
and he will lift your spirits, help you create solutions to everyday problems, and give you a
different perspective of life. Sometimes that is all you need to get back on the right path.

Self Awareness Life Coaching Package

Do you feel lost, confused and unsure of what comes next or which direction to move towards in
your life? Bruno’s self awareness program is designed to help you pinpoint strengths, weaknesses,
and values, and how to fulfill your personal needs. All the information you need to know before making the next move.

U-Turn Life Coaching Program

What’s Stopping You From Living a Happy Fulfilling Life? With Bruno’s U-Turn Life Coaching Program for the first time in a long time, possibly for the first time in your life, you will begin to really understand why you feel as you do, why you think as you do, and why you make the choices you do. Bruno’s innovative and empowering 3-step program puts you back in control of life. Bruno encourages you to dig deep and explore the foundation of your belief system: The root cause of low self esteem, self image, fear, a negative mindset, the traumatic effects of past experiences. He guides and supports you as you unearth your core values, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and dreams – everything you need to know to boost your self image and self esteem, and will put you on a self serving and fulfilling path with confidence.

Call 416.725.2092 to schedule consultation (no cost).

Bruno offers telephone life coaching for clients across North America. You too can take advantage of Bruno’s proven life coaching methodology that has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women.Call 416.725.2092 to schedule consultation (no charge).

Life Coaching via Skype. Bruno offers 4 sessions throughout Thursday to choose from starting at 9:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. For your convenience we provided you with online form to reserve your life coaching session.Single Session: 1hr/ $200


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