How to Achieve Success

Author and Life Coach Bruno LoGreco and Fitness Guru Amie Hoff talking about success.

This past week I met up with fitness guru and co-founder of fitkit Amie Hoff in New York city. I wanted to meetup with her because I was curious about what she believes success is. So I asked her to meet me at Elysium on 72nd.

Success is measured in smiles“, said Amie, when I asked her, “what is your definition of success?” She went on to say, “success is when you set an intention and a goal and reach it.” That really is what success is; it’s starting and finishing whatever you set off to do.

I also asked Amie if it is important to socialize with successful people. Amie said yes. The energy successful people give off is infectious. She went on to say, “We all take on each others energy. If you surround your self with negative people, you’ll take on that negative energy.” I added that we can also learn from successful people. They know stuff we don’t know and by socializing with them we will be in the ‘know’.

Last, I asked Amie to share a tip for you to use to achieve success everyday. Amie said, “Think of of your body as if it were a car driving down the path to success.”Consider the four tires on a car. One is for exercise. One for sleep. One for hydration. And one for personal time. Amie said, “If you have all four tires rolling and you use the gas tank for nutrition, putting all of it together using your brain as the engine, you’re going to drive down the path to success.”




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