[intro-paragraph]How Do You Describe Yourself?[/intro-paragraph]

life coach how to describe yourself

Have you thought about this?

How you view yourself will impact your ability to achieve your potential. If you have a negative self-image, it will hold you back. If you hold a positive self-image it will advance you to succeed.

Take a moment to complete the following statement:

“ I am ________________”.

Did you use a title, role, or label to describe yourself?

Most people do. Most people describe themselves by using roles and titles such as doctor, lawyer, manager, an analyst, husband and wife. And a lot of people use negative labels such as procrastinator, lazy, and fearful. While titles and roles are important to help you to define your role in specific areas of your life, they are not a complete and full picture of your self-image. Nor are the negative labels.

If you’re like most people, you probably look to titles, roles, and labels to define your self-image instead of using qualities and characteristics. This by the way is the #1 reason people feel disconnected, lost, and uncertain about themselves and the future.

A Powerful Formula For A Positive Self-Image

A powerful formula I use to help my life coach clients to build a positive self-image is:

You are a culmination of your strengths, skills, and values, motivated by your needs

If you are ready to move forward with your life to build a confident self-image and to achieve your full potential, then, it’s time to find out more about my life coaching program.


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