Tips for Maintaining Healthy Self-esteem

1. Stop comparing yourself with other people. We are all unique, with our own strengths and weaknesses. Recognize and celebrate diversity, and do not keep trying to assign some arbitrary relative “worth” to yourself or others.

2. Give yourself a break. Stop putting yourself down. Separate your thoughts from your Self. When you start hearing nothing but negative self-talk, ask yourself if what you’re thinking is real, or just a bad habit.

3. Surround yourself as much as possible with positive people. I don’t mean those fake-cheery people who smile while stabbing you in the back, but people who are grounded, hopeful, adaptable, and self aware. Positivity is contagious and can lighten your load. Negativity is also contagious, and it’s an energy sink.

4. Make a list of your core values, and review it often. Focus on your positive traits and you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving passion and purpose.

5. Pump oxygen to your brain. Incorporate 15 to 20 minutes of medium-intensity cardio vascular exercise—a walk around the block, into your daily routine. This will boost your immune and lymphatic systems and keep your brain operating at peak efficiency and clarity.


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