[intro-paragraph]How do you describe yourself? [/intro-paragraph]

Take a moment to complete the following statement: “I am ________________”

Most people use titles, roles and labels, to describe themselves and its not necessarily a true reflection of who they are. This is how people end up feeling lost, uncertain, and disconnected from their unique self.

Misconceptions about your own capabilities have the power to build and destroy self-confidence. When your self-confidence is low, you tend to avoid situations or actions that make you uncomfortable. The fear of failure keeps you from edging intentionally even a few steps out of your comfort zone.

To achieve happiness, success, and your full potential, first you must take back control of your thoughts and ideas by challenging what you believe is true about yourself. Everyone has a unique talent and skill, it’s whether you choose to accept it or not.

The formula I use to help clients identify who they are is this: “I am a culmination of my strengths, skills, and values, motivated by my needs.
[quoteicon author=”Bruno LoGreco”]I am a creative, intuitive, problem solver that has a natural ability of connecting problem behavior to root cause. I have a passion for psychology and helping people achieve their potential because it satisfies my need to feel valued, to serve, and to affect positive change in this world. [/quoteicon]

Are you ready to get off the carousel and on to the path of achieving happiness, success, and your full potential? YES, I am!


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