“The stars will align and your dreams will come true when your core is lined-up with the greatest power to exist, that is within you.”

About Bruno LoGreco Master Life Coach & Mentor

Hi! I’m, Master life coach Bruno LoGreco. Recently voted One of The Top Ten People Who Will Change Your Life by CityLife, creator of the TCS System: A complete “personal success” system for raising self-value and achieving your full potential, and author of Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential.

You may even know me from my appearances on Canada’s smash hit TV series, Style by Jury, where I life coached people to overcome their saboteurs and empowered them to be the best version of themselves over thirty-days.

A genuine, authentic, life coach

Life isn’t user friendly; it doesn’t come with a coach or success map, but that doesn’t mean you should let your fear of failing and lack of experience stop you from reaching for your full potential.

Hi! I’m Bruno LoGreco Master Life Coach, and I have been down the path that you are on right now. There was a time when I felt stuck in a sea of confusion, overwhelmed by fear, confused about my abilities and where I was going. But I didn’t let it stop me from finding my way back to realizing my potential.

Now I’m coaching others, people like you, to do the same.

I’d be honored to let my passion and wisdom help you find the way back to happiness, success and fulfillment.

My Vision Statement:

To empower men and women of all walks of life to make the necessary life altering changes that start from the inside by fostering their authenticity, raising self value and confidence while promoting their potential.

My Mission:

  • To create a safe environment for clients to explore and rediscover their self-value
  • To listen without judgment
  • To appreciate and foster individuality
  • To deliver personal development and life skills training in way that you understand it
  • To provide compassion and understanding while not accepting poor excuses
  • To provide the tools to discover passion, purpose and the formula for unlocking your full potential
  • To provide on-going coaching and mentoring

I have reached an international audience through my appearances on Style by Jury and Save Us from Our House; Spokes Person for Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers. Worked with the Toronto District School Board, Canada’s Ministry of Economic Development, and Dress for Success to teach people from all walks of life and from every social economic class the value of building a confident self-image and achieving one’s true potential.

My Services. Your New Life Starts Here!

TCS Life Coach System

STUCK! Not Sure Who You Are or Where You’re Going? Unlock Your Potential Today!

Motivation and Support

What’s On Your Mind? Let Me Help and Support You While We Work Through It Together. 

Career and Transition Coach

Stuck! Unsure What to do Next? A Five-Step Strategy For Career & Life Transition.

Workshops and Seminars

Participate in a Workshop or Attend a Seminar and Discover my #1 TIP To Move From STUCK To EMPOWERED

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