5 Worst Mistakes Men Make on Valentine’s Day

Flip the motivation switch on and get off the couch

Listen up guys. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so you better start thinking about ideas on how to add a little romance to your relationship.
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‘Love’ has a different meaning for women than it does for men. Say ‘I love you’ to a man and he’ll fly on cloud nine all day. Say ‘I love you’ to a woman and she’ll expect you to prove it.
oronto-life-coach-worst-mistakes-valentines-love.pngValentine’s Day means much more to women than it does for guys. Saying “I love you” to your partner at the start of a day and ignoring her for the rest of it won’t satisfy her needs. Women need to feel love and connection, words alone are empty and not enough. They need to feel appreciated, not just on Valentines’ Day, but hopefully everyday.

oronto-life-coach-worst-mistakes-valentines-love.pngGive her your attention and make her feel she is worthy of your time and effort. Don’t make the mistake of choosing to settle for a meaningless and thoughtless Valentine’s Day. Flip the motivation switch on and get off the couch. Think about what she loves and cares about and incorporate it into the day. Step up to the plate and plan a memorable experience for her this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s 5 of the worst mistakes men make on Valentine’s Day


1. Not getting her a little sweetness. Don’t believe her if she tells you that she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. It’s a lie and probably a test. She wants flowers, chocolate, and if it’s not too much, a ring too!


2. A lack of effort. If you take the time and put effort into making fake flowers and homemade chocolate truffles, she’ll love you forever and will forget that she wanted a ring for Valentine’s, at least for a little while.


3. Indecision. Stop being wishy washy and make a decision. Choose a restaurant quickly and don’t be cheap, or else you’ll be spending Valentine’s at McDonalds, alone!!


4. Don’t look like you just got out of bed. Not dressing for the occasion is a signal to women that you don’t care about yourself let alone have any love to show them.


5. Talking garbage. Don’t talk about work, your ex-girlfriend, or about Jack and Jill from down the street. Who cares! Ask her questions about her values, what is important to her, and her goals. Of course it helps knowing this information about yourself, just in case she asks you.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for women when it comes to love and connection. Make time and put effort into planning a romantic experience. She’s worth the time and effort, so show her.



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