5 Worst Mistakes Men And Women Make Every Valentine’s Day

[intro-paragraph]Toronto, Ontario — [February 5, 2013] – This Valentine’s Day Bruno LoGreco, Master Life Coach and Author of Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential, is guiding couples on how to make the most of their love and relationships.[/intro-paragraph]


Feb. 5, 2013 – LoGreco knows both sexes can screw up Valentine’s Day. “There are an awful lot of expectations of men that we often overlook the expectations for women. Women tend to stay silent, waiting for their partners to create the most perfect day, while men misinterpret the silence and assume they’re lying low this year.” LoGreco speaks of the repetitive mistakes men and women make each year causing disappointment and frustration on the most romantic day of the year.

“Despite objections about Valentine’s Day being commercialized, it remains a symbol of romance for many women and one of the most popular holidays for flowers, chocolates, and showing love. Women look forward to the possibilities of renewed love and connection and men enjoy being seen as her hero for the day.”

With a good understanding of male and female psychology and a fun and practical way of presenting it, LoGreco discusses the worst mistakes men and women make every year. He’s instructing Toronto residents who are feeling romantically stuck yet hopeful on how to step up to the plate and reach for their full potential in their relationships this Valentine’s Day.




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