5 Steps to Embrace Change

5 Steps to Embrace Change5 Steps to Embrace Change, By Andrew Schick, TCS Life Coach:


Change. We all fear it. It involves stepping outside of our comfort zone. It takes away from our sense of certainty and security. Change brings on new opportunities, relationships, situations and adversities which will inevitably take place, for the good or for the bad. Change can be looked at in 2 ways:

  1. Expected change
  2. Unexpected change

Some change can be controlled as it is expected to occur and other change is something you must prepare for.

What if we don’t embrace change?

Naturally, our body and brain want things to stay in homeostasis, a state of no change. Although, resisting change is impossible because even though you choose to NOT change, circumstances and elements of your surrounding environment will. Therefore, things will inevitably change for you in your life as well.

Your expectation is, “if I stop changing myself, things will just simply go back to the way they were.” This is a false and ultimately, back-firing belief.

The question is, what happens when we don’t embrace it or choose to resist it?

  • You get left behind
  • You compromise your opportunities at personal growth
  • You stay trapped inside your box of stagnation

[quoteicon author=”Lao-Tzu”]Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like[/quoteicon]

How do you embrace, or at least, accept change?

Change really is a blessing. It is a time of growth, it is a time to become who you want to become. The quicker you can accept change and embrace it, the better and faster your results will be realized.

5 Steps to Embrace Change:

  1. Become aware of the change. Simply realizing that there is a change occurring, in its earlier stages, allows you to more easily accept what is.
  2. Assess control. Look at what elements you can control in the changing circumstances and pick out the negatives and enhance the positives.
  3. Accept that some things are out of your control. You will not be able to control every element. The sooner you can accept this, the sooner you will have peace of mind. Show yourself some compassion and realize that it happens to everyone.
  4. Write in a journal, what your fears of changing are. This gives you an outlet for expressing your true self without ego taking a stand. The ego is more concerned with homeostasis and is where your resistance stems from. Expressing your thoughts will help in your acceptance process.
  5. Look at the opportunities available. For every negative situation, there is always a positive flipside to the same coin. Look at what kind of opportunities it brings on; what doors does it open? For example, if someone was laid off:
  • Now I have more time to pursue that passion or business I have been dwelling on starting.”
  •  Now I have more time to pursue that passion or business I have been dwelling on starting.
    “I am going to spend the next 6 months looking for another job but also spend it working on myself
  • This gives me more time with my family

Tony Robbins said, “Progress equals happiness. It’s not what we get that makes us happy, it is who we become. In order to progress, you have to be willing to take these 5 steps to embrace change. Progress and change are the spice of life, they keep things interesting and create a life worth living.



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